277k Illegal Immigrants in the UK!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flying Felix, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Does it worry anyone else that there are 3 times as many illegal immigrants in the UK than in the Army!

    BBC News - UK Border Agency backlog worries MPs

    Edited should read:

    Does it worry anyone else that there are 3 times as many illegal immigrants in the UK than serving soldiers in the British Army!
  2. What always puzzles me about these figures is that if they didn't know how many illegals there were to start with, how can they know the number now? Or is this another wild guesstimate?
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  3. And does this data/figures really surprise anyone?
  4. Massive under count IMOP. Supposed to be 185,000 Asians in Birmingham. Pull the other one.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Gross underestimate. It's at least 500k, probably many more times that. And don't forget the Olympic 'asylum seekers'. Conservative estimates put it at 7-8000 illegals still in Australia after the Sydney Olympics. And UKBA are expecting far more than this as the UK is a far more attractive post games option for a new life and free benefits compared with either Australia and that great champion of human rights - China.
  6. 277k Illegal Immigrants in the UK! And the rest... the biggest problem is overstayers as opposed to clandestine entries / undocumented arrivals.
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  7. The thread title is a bit mis-leading.

    It's (as I understand it) the figure of known illegal immigrants who have, for one reason or another become known to the authorities and who have not been granted permission to stay.

    The actual numbers of illegal immigrant's is certain to be far in excess of that figure.

    And if you were to define an illegal immigrant as someone who lies to Immigration in order to settle here (like the brides-to-be who claim they are only visiting and then immediately marry their British boyfriend) the number would run into millions.
  8. In 2009 the LSE estimated the number to be up to FOUR times higher! quote "As many as 947,000 illegal immigrants could be living in Britain, more than double a previous Home Office estimate. A study by the London School of Economics found evidence of a massive surge in the illegal population since 2001.
    Their estimate includes hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers, visa overstayers and children born to illegal immigrant parents."

    Not surprising given the last governments active encouragement and lies about controlling numbers. The current mob are also unwilling to grasp the nettle & really sort the problem out, in the interim they just keep on flooding in!!

  9. Remember the famous words of the Fuhrer - That's why the troops are in AFG for our security. While they are there the Taliban can live here and the illegals can work for G4S.
  10. "The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee revealed that the number of missing foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and others refusing to leave the country is equivalent to the population of Newcastle, with the backlog expected to take years to clear. 57 foreign criminals released in 2006 without being considered for deportation have not yet been traced. The 'controlled archive', used for cases where the agency has lost track of the applicant, contains 80,000 asylum applications and 21,500 immigration cases".
    "MPs said the UKBA 'does not have a strong record in deporting foreign national offenders' , with the report recommending that the agency set up a team to establish why foreign criminals living in the community had not been deported and to then ensure they are sent home".

    Read more: UK Border Agency backlog 'is the size of Newcastle', say MPs | Metro.co.uk

    UK Border Agency has case backlog the size of Newcastle - UK - News - Evening Standard