275 (V) and 79 have merged?

Is there any truth in the rumour 275 Railway Squadron (V) and 79 squadron (I think its that squadron) their regular counterparts?

Is this the way foward, full intergration?
I believe 275 Rly Sqn are becoming a stand alone Squadron after they where SDR'd down to Troop strength and absorbed into 165 Port and Maritime Regiment (V). The same I believe will be happening to 79 Rly Sqn who were lumped into 17 Port and Maritime.
The main reason for this is FAS and that the Railway Squadrons worked better as stand alone Sqns out of Bicester.

As regards merging, I would think it would be FAS pairing.

Hopefully this will mean the reformation of the Ambulance train group..... and I imagine the waiting list to join out of 275 Sqn will be as long as ever.
Purple Locos!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in my day Hurrumph.... (Ruffling of Train Spotting monthly). Perhaps it wasnt quite a pairing then, but at least they are still alive in some format.
As a member of the aforementioned unit I can reiterate the previous replies, we all know the real reason for the merger is the chronic shortage of manpower. As for the purple loco, they ain't ours, just borrowed from the civvy MOD people. Our job nowadays is to take over the existing infrastructure, locomotive power and rolling stock so we don't need them in the UK.
Any further questions, just ask
Just rehashing the subject, come on you train spotters/ex squaddies who wanna earn a bit of extra cash and get a few extra suits, come and join the railway children!
Hear, hear, 79 is the place to be :lol: we're going places, providing theres no engineering work this weekend. 8)

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