27 year old wanting to join as an Aircraft technician

Hi I applied to join 4 years ago got an A grade at Glencourse but couldn't do my chosen job of aircraft technician due to my eyesight without glasses not being good enough. There were some jobs open to me but I went way and got laser eye surgery, has anyone applied after having this? I had a type of surgery accepted by the army and my eyes before had were within the limits.. I am looking at applying again as an army aircraft technician, I am now 27 now I can't see my age being a problem? What would do other people think?. I would be taking quiet a big pay cut as I earn about 25k at the moment working as a plumber, but I believe the career options in the army are far greater and it will be a career I really enjoy so money isn't really an issue.
check the massive thread on medical matters - and look for JSP 950
Thanks what are your thoughts on going in to this trade at my age. My maths skills are pretty good an fitness is no problem what so ever

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