27 Transport Regiment RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by elnoddo, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Why is there no mention on any ARMY websites of this REGT?
  2. Because they can't be bothered????
  3. personally noddo
    i think they are ashamed of it and therefore hide it away from the eyes of the taxpayer. Apart from a few of the lads
    i met there in my mind it is the worst unit in the known universe!.
    Go hurricanes.
  4. Hello everyone, right i am new here so go easy please, ok why is 27 REGT so bad??? my son has been sent there, its his first proper place since training, and so far is enjoying it (only been there a few weeks) i am worried now that you all say 27 REGT is SO bad, please tell me why, put my mind at rest or at least let me know the truth.
  5. 6cats,

    Wouldn't worry too much. 27 Regt is no different from any other RLC unit - some aspects are excellent, some good, some merely average, and a few poor. Your lad is probably having a whale of a time which he will take great delight in telling you about the next time he comes home on leave.

  6. 6cats

    I wouldnt pay too much attention to some of the nonsense written on this forum. Whilst many of its members are full of good intent, by virtue of its open access and anonymous nature, an awful lot of what you might read here is worthless and only posted to serve as entertainment for the authors. There is nothing wrong with 27 Regt.

  7. 6cats,

    You've given away too much information. Please quickly edit your post as I have done above.

    Welcome to the site. Don't worry about posters knocking other units. We all do it; it's part of the fun and inter-unit rivalry.

    All units have their weaknesses and all units have their strengths. It is the task of the unit hierarchy to concentrate on the strengths and improve the weaknesses. But those at the bottom of the pile, presumably like your son, sometimes only see the weaknesses (like lousy accommodation and being endlessly messed around). My comments come with the caveat that most units these days are struggling to stay on top of the overall training and deployment workload.

    Don't worry about your son; he'll have fun.

  8. Thanks everyone, feel better now, he does seem to be enjoying himself, must be a good sign... he has only phoned me twice. :biggrin:
  9. It's a difficult time for parents and the press don't help much either (by the way, I wouldnt read too much into what you see in the press. It's all about selling papers and TV viewing figures for them). I regret not calling my parents a lot more after I first joined. It sounds a bit corny but, your son is in good hands.

    ps. Ooh, I've got a medal. Whats that for?
  10. being nice to mums medal
  11. A medal for being "nice to Mums" thats brill, us Mums are important :thumright:
  12. Ask your son if he likes tiffanys!! :thumleft:

    and by the way I am sure he will be loving his new posting.

  13. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Tiffany's......quality "dancers!"
  14. what about 'CHEEKS" :headbang: