27 Regt RLC

27 REGT was'nt a good regt to go to on op-telic 2 ( bad management ) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
I was working in the MT dept at chillwell during some for telic 2
I heard nothing but bad things about 27 reg

I have just done anual camp, 27 reg where out and about 2 whatt a set of (how can i but this) tossers!!! ( I think thats polite)
27 Wretchiment RLC,
Not a happy place to be, in recent years has always been in the shadow of an another Tpt regt nearby( the mighty 10th of wheel) Quite a few from 10 now migrating to 27 so hopefully by cross fertilisation should improve. Snr's of both regts same level across the RLC (quality) Just need a MTI as RSM to finish them off. :lol:
having just escaped the clutches of the above I can confirm that it is not a happy place to be, however ****, ****, ****, **** etc do make it just about bearable. But **** aside the top corridor dont know their arse from their elbows. But to call the guys a bunch of tossers just stinks of a disgruntled stab to me.

Edited to remove names, especially as one is a former Corps RSM! Agree with the sentiment, but I don't want names out in the open thanks.

In my dealings with 27 Regt I have found them to be a pretty together bunch. Professional, sensible and with good C2. In a like for like comparison with my lot they win hands down. I really feel the detractors should be happy for what you've got, trust me it could be a lot worse..............
serving with 27 as another cap badge was a happy time for me, i found all ranks within the regiment to be helpfull, polite and most of all professional, whilst on execise I never had whinging tom's at the back of my truck informing me that they had mindlessly fcuked up yet another piece of kit, and i never had the pleasure of two thick headed Pte's anouncing the fact that they had driven over thier FRIGGIN RIFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Along with this, the chicks were all fit and straight, the football team weren't clicky and the fleet was kept to an impeccable standard.

Thanks for a wonderfull tour that certainly oened my eyes to what professional soldiering is all about.

27 let themselves down on telic by allowing a tin-pot TAs outfit join their ranks, one uber cluster after another...

although, granted the CO would have preferred to take 7 Sqn along i'm sure...

Has their current CO been on a tour yet???
Have spent many a blissfull exercise with the fighting 7
keeep it real to all still there
Over the years, I've worked with 27 on a few occasions. (Kosovo, various exs) and I've never had any great problems. They've done their job well and let me do mine to my normal bluffing standard.

That said, having seen who is their CO des (arriving mid-06), I'm glad I won't be there during his tour. A thruster of the highest order!
Goon you are such a muppet!! If you have any issue with the TA then please PM me for pearls of wisdom. You some how think that you (The regular) type have a far higher stock value? Um let me educate you just a little. Several of my Junior ranks went with 27 Regt and had some issues, however this was not due to them being there. There were well discussed issues with management style rather than lack of ability.
If you had half a brain you would now realise that without the TA you would be on stag yourself rotating from one tour to the next.
The next time you use the TA name in vain make sure you are in possesion of the facts because most of us TA types have been regular soldiers/Officers and have fired far more inteligent types than you. Be carefull who and what you wish for as without the TA you would have a very unhappy time in the Gulf.
Evil one,

There are mongs and muppets in the Regulars as there are in the TA(s), there are clusters and information breakdowns as well as generally unprofessional behaviour, its just in my experience there is more of these things in the TA! Within the RLC TA there are many excellent Soldiers and the fact that as an Army we could not sustain operations without them is beyond dispute. Furthermore I have seen first hand the difficulties that occur when reservists are mobilised and have been hugely impressed by certain individual’s commitment and professionalism in the face of these extenuating circumstances.

Whilst Goon-Bde’s point is characteristically ineloquent your (attempt at a) retort does you little favour also. You complain about the derision of the TA yet respond by proclaiming that the Regulars aren’t perfect; of course we aren’t! However if asking if we regular types think we have far higher stock value than our TA counterparts then the answer is yes, yes we do! I only know 5 TA Officers but of that I wouldn’t wipe my ARRSE with four of them; now I hold a correspondingly supercilious attitude concerning some of my regular counterparts but its not at the 80% mark! That is my view, and I concede that its blinkered, arrogant and born of ignorance but not really different to the views you’ve expressed regarding the UOTC (http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=430499.html#430499).

You have stood up as a champion of the TA(s) argument and for what its worth I think it’s a valid cause; I just don’t think you are the man to answer it as clearly you are a tit! In short you are everything about the TA that pisses off your regular counterparts: a jumped up, over opinionated, under experienced, Tin pot to$ser with a chip on his shoulder. What annoys me most is that is not what the core of the TA ORs and SNCOs are like at all. As for dispensing advice, I for one await with baited breath “pearls of wisdom” from the author of such heavy weight threads as: “Any good parties for us subbies to go to?”, “Subbies need to have fun” and “Mess pranks!”

In fact I find you so odious I think I know who you are; are you fat, Scottish and do you sweat a lot?
Dont hold back Ford_Prefect, say what you really mean.


Ah ford, it is such a shame your mind is so how can I put this in a nice pretty manner for you. If you think I have no knowledge and experience then you are very wrong, secondly if you think I am Scottish you again Sir are very wrong. If you have an issue with my personaly then feel free to pm me to discuss your issues further.

As far as your retort goes, it was a shmae to ruin what was at first interseting and worth the time to read. You may find that as a subbie we do sod about and post things to wind people up, also several of the post were to see what reaction I would get from small minded types like yourself.

It again is quite sad that your opinion nearly made some sense but then you lose the plot and turn from having a valid point, that I was willing to listen to and discuss, to ending up throwing childish comments about what should of been an interesting topic for debate.

Ah well, I await some more pearl of wisdom form the superior Reg brain that is in your head.
Oh did I mention 7 years Reg service!
Evilone quit while your behind, but I suppose with a whole 7 years regular experience you know best.

Sir, you are a cnut.
27 Wretchiment RLC,
Not a happy place to be, in recent years has always been in the shadow of an another Tpt regt nearby( the mighty 10th of wheel) Quite a few from 10 now migrating to 27 so hopefully by cross fertilisation should improve. At Regtl Comd level have been unlucky in the fact of having weaker less professional characters. Snr's of both regts same level across the RLC (quality) Just need a MTI as RSM to finish them off.

Sorry Just a side
Being ex 10 Regt 36 ambi sqn. based in Bielefeld Just wondering where they are now.
and what sqns make em up now.
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