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27 regiment

Discussion in 'RLC' started by 6cats, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me here? i cant find any info for 27 reg my lads reg, they are out in a big sandy place now, there does not seem to be a family info pack or anything like that, i have found out about eblueys by myself, i don't have an emergancy number just in case i need to contact my son, i have seen other regiments on the internet offering much more help & info, if anyone knows where i should be looking for information please let me know. :?
  2. Check your PM
  3. Check your PM's
  4. Perhaps asking your son for the relevant number would be a good starting point?
  5. I hope you have managed to get the info you needed. I know how important it is for families and loved ones back home.

    However... I was posted with 27 Regt on an Op tour and they were an utter shambles! (Not sure if it is any different now, 4 years on?). I know there will be some good eggs amongst the crap - but on the whole - muppets!

    cue gunfire in my general direction...
  6. what year was you there from fella.
  7. about 10 months of 2003 (Apr - Nov)
  8. It seems your son hasn't given you the information he would have been given before he left. There is an extensive welfare package set up for those left behind and the Regt has a website which you can access through Army Net, that has all the phone numbers you need. Just follow the links to Units, RLC and 27 Tpt Regt. Your son will need to give you his Army Net login name so he can sponsor your registration as a guest on the website.

    In extreme emergencies, you can call the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre on 01452 519951, quote your son's Army number and they can contact him wherever he is in the world in a matter of minutes. Your son would have also been given this number to give to his family members.

    Your son also gets 30 mins free calls a week and will have access to phones.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Does anyone know how long 27 regt are in Aldrshot for?...Ive heard no move until atleast 2009. Also, Im aware they are in a hot sandy place now, but anyone got any news on the regiments commitments for the next few years?

    reason being, im thinking of going to them and me and my wife are from surrey and want to be in the area for atleast the next two years coz of the mrs to be's job.
  10. They have been there for ever and will stay there for ever.

  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No plans I know of for 27 Regt to move location from Aldershot but you might want to pose the question to HQ DRLC. Ref committments, ring the Rear Party OC - this is a public forum and such info should not be disseminated on here. As Trickster submitted in an earlier post, "the Regt has a website which you can access through Army Net, that has all the phone numbers you need. Just follow the links to Units, RLC and 27 Tpt Regt."

    Good luck on getting the posting.
  12. BOS, check your PM's.
  13. what sqn was you i was 8 sqn.
  14. 236 (Tpt) Sqn
  15. good times was had at sunny 27 Regt