27 months? Is that all????????????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. A drunken yob who killed a retired soldier by pushing him off a bus was jailed for 27 months. Stan Dixon, 60, died after making a stand for fellow passengers against the foul language being used by Gary Robson (Cnutfeatures), 23.
    Mr Dixon had been on a night out with his girlfriend Anne Fisher, 41, before catching the bus home.
    Cnutfeatures, a call centre worker, was upsetting other passengers with his swearing and began to abuse his own girlfriend.
    After Mr Dixon intervened, cnutfeature shoved him in the chest and the father of three fell backwards, hitting his head on the pavement and suffering a serious brain injury.
    Cnutfeatures admitted manslaughter.

    But 27 months? FFS. Does a human life have no worth anymore? :x :x :x

    Hope cnutfeatures gets gangraped in the showers and has his eyes gouged out and acid poured into his eye sockets.
  2. Whaaaaat!! People get more for tax evasion and stuff like that and this pondlife only got 27 fecking months. WTF is going on in this country!
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    An he'll be out in just over a year. Something not right about that.
  4. If he actually spent 27 months in prison, that would be bad enough. More like 13 - 14 months in reality.

    Pathetic. :x

    Sends a great message, does'nt it; murder a man who served his country and you'll spend just over a year in jail.

    And before the ARRSE lawyers use me for target practice - I don't give a FCUK what he was charged with or convicted off. He committed murder. End of story. :evil:
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The Canoest and his missus got more porridge time than that.

    Its lunacy.

    Maybe a suitable alternative would be to kneecap him and break his ankles if prison space is that tight.
  6. Hope he suffers big time

    In this sorry tale at least we should give a big salute to Mr Dixon (60) who had a girlfreind

    thats 41 years of age

    well done and what a sad loss to humainty
  7. Quite simple really, the legal system is totally out of kilter, offences against property ie money based (in particular establishment money) are considered much more of a threat than offences against the person especially those against the indigenous population. Hence Mr Dixons killer gets away with 27 months whereas a tax evader will get hammered or as mentioned the disappearing canoeists (because they screwed an insurance company and fooled plod).
  8. My guess is that this was an involuntary manslaughter conviction. Until our system starts to punishing people for the consequences of the crime, and not just the offence itself, this will keep happening. I also wonder how much of this is CPS accepting a lower offence , just to "win" the case.

    Soon you will get a bigger punishment for putting out too much rubbish, than for murder.

    Sign me up for the revolution please.
  9. Not surprising any more. Yet if I went round to this cunt's house when he got released and knocked seven shades of shit out of him I'd probably spend years inside :x
  10. This will keep happening until there is just one charge where a death is involved - homicide - and the jury is allowed to determine whether it's involuntary manslaughter, murder or anything in between.

    But the idea of lawyers and desk-jockeys trusting the public to decide such things - no chance.
  11. RABC and BambiBasher make valid points.

    The simple fact is this scum killed a man. A man who no doubt was much better than the aforementioned piece of excrement scum.

    Regardless of intent, he stlll killed.

    27 months? Try 27 years of penal slavery stripping down old cars for recycling. Food and Accomodation to be picked up by the scums family.

    Or seeing as he owes us one life. Strip him down of parts. Two kidneys, a liver (that can be seperated apparently), a heart, eyes, 10 pints of blood etc.

    We coud get a good 5 or 6 people back on the road with him. And then we could feed his body to the Lions in London Zoo.

    According to the words of a song I heard recently.

    "Better to come from nothing, than nothing comes from you".

    Hopefully the killing scum bag will think on those words and wonder "What is my contribution to the planet?" And take the envitable step of killing his worthless self, in order to prevent further oxygen theft.
  12. Shameful - for a twat that can't take his ale and behave himself, who can then use the "I was pizzed and didn't know what I was doing" defence. He assaults a man nearly three times his own age, who stuck up for his girlfriend.

    I hope that the Home Secretary reviews this case.

    With toerags like Gary Robson able to act like ********* and get away so lightly, this case (like so many others) demonstrates perfectly, why the present sentencing policies are so wrong. Robson, will be able to carry on his life, by the time he reaches thirty, his time in prison will be a long way behind him.

    As Werewolf comments above - Pathetic.
  13. ClickyLinkyThingy
    ZAnu Liebour - "Easy on Crime - tough on the victims of crime". :x :evil:

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  14. For some reason, the words "Target will fall when hit" started going through my head as soon as as I saw that pic... :x :evil:
  15. I'll give you 20 pee if you PM me his address.