27 Field Regiment Royal Artillery question

After knocking out an aquarium the previous owner had embedded in a wall :? I was cleaning out behind a radiator. To my surprise I found a dust-encrusted and cobwebbed pewter tray.

The tray looks like a retirement gift, with capbadges and an inscription which reads:

Presented to Sgt T.M Carmichael RA
From the WO's and Sgts Mess
27 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
I'm also searching the web for regimental associations etc - the regiment appears to have been disbanded or amalgamated in either 1947 or 1992. If anyone can put me in touch with Sgt Carmichael, his family, former comrades or an appropriate unit, I am happy to return the tray (which I will return to its former glory).
yep 27 Regt fell by the wayside after Options for Change (aprently with no red threat we didn't need much of an army :roll: )

Try this link

27 regt OCA

I spoke to the webmaster a while back and he seemed a nice guy, maybe he or someone he knows could help you

Also there is a guestbook that is very upto date
IIRC in 1981 they were in Lippstatt with M109. Following year they had the disctinction of being the only unit of any arm in BAOR that sent a sub-unit to FI (their div Blowpipe AD bty)
In 1981 they were in Churchill Bks, Lippstadt with 6,21,23 & 56 Btys. Equipped with M109, M110 and blowpipe.

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