26RA wksp

Discussion in 'REME' started by Chuzu, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. just got my PO happy with it but can anyone tell me about the unit if theres a cpl's mess what the blocks like etc ta

    (also posted in artillery forum)
  2. i left there in 1997 but then there was a Cpl's mess. the workshop lads were accomodated in the first block after RHQ, old block but very big rooms. workshop bar was above the block in the attic, good bar and you only had to fall down the stairs when p*ssed to return to your room.

    i loved the unit, not sure what its like now but i had a great time. 55(HQ) was the HQ Bty, 159, 127, 16 and 17 Bty were the AS90 boys. 6 guns per bty, 4 warrior, numerous 432, drops (Foden), JCB and the usual L/R and 8tonners. Ftr Sect had CH.ARRV then but now have CRARRV, 434, 432, 4 tonner and a L/R as far as im aware.

    pretty central for getting home, not too bad for going out, hanover/bielefeld closest. 4-5 hrs to calais, 3 hrs to rotterdam.

    hope this helps, enjoy
  3. cheers now suppose ill have to get some mess dress

    really happy bout squadron bar though im an expert at falling down stairs

  4. yes they were keen on JNCO's having mess dress, if not it was ginger suit.
  5. i was asked not to return in 1996 and they had a mess then....

    i'm just finishing an 18 month cse and one of the lads on me cse was there and he says yes to your queston!!
  6. i was there then sparticuss, what bty were u?
  7. Last time I was with them was in '87' down at Thorney Island, who moved them to Germany???
  8. Hi now that you are there what do you think of your posting?
  9. I am there myself and it ain't too bad. Its now an LAD though. The bar is pretty good, but some people seem intent on ruining everyone's fun. Usual stuff. Same old as with all Artillery units - they seem to look down on REME and like doing everything last minute. Heierachy problems, the same as anywhere else... :)
  10. ah my bad posting got changed last minute should have said so never been.
  11. Hoping to be there in the very near future. It is strange tho as i have heard that these type of postings, you are well looked after by the fighting faction. I guess this isnt the case then. Im still looking forward to it. See you next year.
  12. Look forwards to it mate. What trade are you? I'll warn off the recce mechs and get the bar prepared for your... welcoming... :)
  13. Things have definitely changed since my time as a posting to the RA was usually great with the regiment treating the attached very well. I was with 3 gunner regts for a total of 8 years (42 Fld, 5 Lt and 32 Lt) and would always choose them if given the opportunity. Unfortunately then you weren't asked where you wanted to go you just went where you were sent.
  14. I have heard many good things from people who have served with the artillery, especially the mid ninetys when 12 and I believe 16 were both in Dortmund. 26RA is my second artillery unit (I spent four LONG years previously with the cloud punchers at 12 Regt), but having been to two different units between 12 and 26, I would have to say that I stand by what I say in that in my experience, the RA are not my top choice to serve with although in this case the problem seems internal to the LAD. Perhaps I have just arrived at the unit during a bad period. In any case, I have another two years left at 26 and am intent on creating a better atmosphere if possible.
  15. In 1990 when my Dad left Dortmund there where two units based in the barracks he was stationed in, 12 and 22 Air Defence. From what I can recall hearing it was very soon after he was posted out the camp closed (Napier Bks) and shortly after that all British Army units in Dortmund where moved out. Can anyone confirm this?