264? valid or waste of resources

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by telemech_1, Feb 25, 2003.

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  1. They cant be that good cause they take hardly any Telemechs,  and lets face it they are the best trade in the corps! i mean what really gets to me is when you see them on a course for example walking round as if they are god in their pasty shaped berets and ignorant attitudes. we all are in the same corps chaps and lets face it everyone in the army not just the corps know that the real boys as in blades cannot stand you because of your attitude
  2. Your subject title questioned the vailidity of 264 but all you did was bad mouth the blokes. If you want to find out if they are any good, do the course.
    For what it's worth, I know quite a few chaps either in or ex 264 who are thoroughly good eggs.
  3. Mech,

    It's true to say that some members of 264 adopt a bit of a lofty attitude, but Rigsby is right.

    A lot of the lads that do the course and go on to serve with the Squadron are high calibre geezers.

    Why not re-trade if you really want to serve with them, or are you just content to slag them off without actually knowing anything about the unit.
  4. rigger/convoy: I agree

    mech: your topic heading has to be questioned.
    Whatever unit your in you will get someone who thinks hes the dogs. Out of the blokes I've spoken to, they seem like very good pro's who happen to be a lot fitter than the rest of us.
    Just out of interest what do u have against 264, have you just fallen out with one of them?
  5. mech, to a certain degree your right, they do large it sometimes, but if you passed the course....wouldnt you ? if you were working with regular signal units, whether it be on ops or in peacetime, you would feel different.
    i served in 264 for 7 yrs and i saw the young guys come through and pass and have a chip on their shoulder, but when it came to working with the regiment guys on ops in sierra leonne it was different, they soon shut up which made me laugh as we all have the respect for the regiment.
    if your gonna do the course, good luck, if not, well voice your opinion, after all thats what this website is for  ;D
  6. oh, one last thing mech.......why are telemechs the best trade????
    although im a combat trade of old, it does seem to me that there is a trade in the corps that does stand out from all the rest.

    i will leave it to you to think about that one   ;D
  7. (Not a scaley, btw!)

    I have worked with a lot of 264. They were all, to a man (and woman) absolutely outstanding, and a real credit to your Corps.

  8. Bomblet - read your mail
  9. Whats the entry for 264 just out of curiosity. Is it the beat up and test week like 22 or just test week.
  10. Course they're a valid resource, otherwise the course or posting wouldn't exist.
    I do however think some get ideas above their station but majority of them are good professional guys.
    Why the downer on them, failed it have we.
  11. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    obviously you are ill informed
    the guys @ 264 are on the whole top blokes
    they have a tough selection and heavy work load
    maybe you should try the course before bad mouthing them  :mad:
  12. 749

    If they work so hard, how come their tan is always superior to the rest of the attached blokes???

    The Squadron is good value for 2 reasons:

    Recruiting  The Regiment is always short of blokes, if 264 can motivate blokes to do selection and pass, as a number do, then for that reason alone, it's worth having.

    Comms 264 is often at the cutting edge of some comms technologies, that filter into the rest of the army about 2 years later.  The Regiment are not the easiest people to work with and of course we all love to slag the G6 borg off, but I can attest that some of the blokes will go the extra mile to get comms through.  

    That you can provide a second home for your badged guys benefits both the Squadron and the Regiment.  

    I include the telemech's in this ( and the liney who converted to a telemech to get into 264.  Have you still got Gen Menendez Bayonet? )  

    I also have to credit the guy's in the Commcen for a wealth of discretion over when to call folks out over exclusive traffic.  That can sometimes take more nouse that navigating round the Elan valley.  The Supervisors, past and present, deserve a big pat on the back for that.

    But please remember, if you are fitter and faster than the rest of us, you may be better.  Alternatively, you may just have more time to train. ;)
  13. Any course which involves a selection process is unfortunatly going to nurcher arrogance in certain individuals... On the whole the lads from "26blah" are a top bunch, and what is good to see is everyone regardless of trade getting stuck in and cross skilling.

    To say they are a waste of resources must have come from a bloke who sends his laundry forward
  14. Good to see some blokes from the corps know what we do, thanks for the good input.As for telemechs - the squadron has a set level of manning leaving us with only a small number of mechs. By slagging off 264 you do it to all memebers (including your 'god's trade!') Having worked very closely with 2 of the mechs for about 6 months whilst on ops I can honestly say they are awesome blokes - hard grafters and top blokes on the lash. Come and give it a shot if you are up to it. If you pass, you'll see what its all about.
  15. :mad:  Right then chumpy, to start with you want to get your facts right before you go and plaster it all over public notice boards. 264 Signal Sqn employ telemechs as we speak and they also do an outstanding job within the workshops, Sqn, and Regt.
      Before I undertook probation and afterwards the tech workshops has had a steady trickle of telemechs coming through on the course and doing well. As with the techs the telemechs are also put under pressure on the trade week to see if they are up to spec on thier trade skills. From reading your sh*t statement I wouldn't mind betting that you probably attended the course and probably failed on trade week due to your weak trade skills.
      As for your heading valid or waste of resources, well check the number of traffic officers, TOT's, YofS, FofS, RSM's and SSM's in the Corps who are ex 264 Signal Sqn. If 264 Signal Sqn was classed as a waste of resources and manning how would the Corps fill all of these slots. Check the records, they spaek for themselves.