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264 Sig Sqn

One of my soldiers is interested in attempting to join (and has been courted by) 264 Sig Sqn.

I've had an initial interview with him and know his reasons for wanting to join, however I was wondering where I could get more information on 264 so I can give more informed advice next time we speak? I've tried the Army site, and ArmyNet also but as usual they both appear to be pants.

If anyone can point me the in the direction of an informative website or PoC, it would be appreciated.
Speak to your training wing, and they'll be able to give you the number to call for more info on SFC, and those fellas in turn can give you the info as well as dates for the briefing course and SFC course.
the poster that they have put everywhere, probably your sqn notice board, you never see them but you know they have been there, sneaky buggers !

best bet is the training wing, its what i have always known.
Is it just me or does
courted by 264
not sound a bit 3 para mortars?

Sounds more like some guy in 264 has said 'come and join mate its a scream and the course is a piece of piss' to me

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