264 and 63 Signals (SAS) are they actually SAS or Signals?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 26463SAS, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Quote (http://www.eliteukforces.info/18-UKSF-Signals/264-sas-squadron/)

    "The men of 264 (SAS) Signals are part of the Royal Corps of Signals and have not gone through SAS selection, although they do have to pass the Special Forces Communicator (SFC) selection course. 264 Signals are now under the umbrella of 18 UKSF Signals Regiment."

    But- this is what they have to pass....

    Quote (http://www.eliteukforces.info/special-air-service/sas-reserves/#selection)

    "SAS (R) Selection
    Selection is open to men over 18 and under 32 (or under 35 for those with military experience) who are fit and do not have a criminal record. Selection itself consists of a series of physical tests run over a series of weeknights and weekends, in keeping with the part-time nature of TA units.

    Selection consists of the following phases:


    Physical and mental stamina, along with navigational ability are stretched to the limit over series of tests. The aptitude phase culminates with a 64 kilometer march, with a 60lbs bergen, over the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Aptitude consists of:

    9 x weekends of endurance training.
    1 x week endurance training in the Brecon Beacons.
    1 x week assessment (Test Week) in the Beacons.

    Instruction in UKSF SOP'S and tactics comprises of:

    9 x weekends patrol SOP's including surveillance and reconnaissance.
    1 x week live firing including patrol contact drills and Tp offensive action.
    1 x 9 day battle camp comprising:
    Live firing assessment.
    Field training exercise to test the skills learned throughout Selection. This culminates in Conduct after Capture (CAC).
    On successful completion of this training, ranks are badged as SAS(R) and are assigned to their respective units for continuation training.

    Candidates who successfully complete Selection will enter a period of probation and must complete the following courses to be fit for mobilisation.

    Basic Parachute Course.
    SF Communications Course.
    Main Training Period.
    Once successfully through continuation training, SAS(R) soldiers will undergo periodic UKSF Military Annual training Tests (MATTs) and Main Training Periods. Additional qualifications can be sought throughout the SAS(R) soldier's career:

    Patrol Medics
    Enhanced Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    Emergency Close Air Support
    Support Weapons
    Close Protection

    So surely they are SAS because they've done nearly the same as 21 and 23?? Would one have a right in either of the two to feel they are in the SAS?
  2. Why, Does it matter?

    Want to tell daddy you're one of "THEM"?
  3. There are a lot of things on this forum that probably dont matter. The point is that a forum is for discussion- so ive just asked a question. If you cant give a proper answer- dont bother....

    My point is if i saw XXX (SAS) i would think they are SAS, however the author of that website seems to take probably-deserved credit away from them.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Oh FFS, why are you even asking this?
  5. Because im trying to find out the difference in selection between 21/23 and 63. They seem to have the same physical selection yet that website gives the impression 63 selection is not as hard??
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well if you want to rely on info from a site like this, you deserve all the shit that will be incoming:

    Now go away and do some proper research!
  7. One is Infantry types who may support SAS at times one may provide signal support to SAS.

    Ultimately the difference is not whether you have to do more to get in either camp but what you want to do concentrate on sigs or inf skills.

    Remember neither will ever measure up to 49 Para, so secret you will only find "them" referenced on EBay! :wink:
  8. msr

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    Phone them up and ask.

  9. And change your name if you want to be taken seriously.
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  10. Just imagine you had someone who had just failed SAS(R) selection, are you going to kick them out of the door.
  11. I hear the alarm...................................it's getting louder........................

    WALT ALERT :1: :party: :boogie: :clap:
  12. This is what you want Mate,

    Walt Gear

    Ooops, sorry wrong colour
  13. No you were right the first time for 63 and 264
  14. Of course I was getting confused :oops:
  15. Right mate this is the bobby moore, 264 is the code name for a top secret group of soldiers that wear their berets at a funny angle to confuse the enemy and are part of UKSF "War Signals Group". 63, as has been mentioned, are part of 49 Para Reserve and are permitted to wear their berets at an obtuse angle as opposed to the actue angle of 264. Both these units are "feeder" units for 27 SAS boat troop. They all train with German GSG8 WaltenKommando and the Italian Riggatoni Alpine Specials.

    I hope that has helped.