26 years old joining (Irish) - too old ?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jones87, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im originally from Dublin and have recently applied through Ennikillen Careers office - have passed ADSC and have a job offer for March with the RIR.Just wondering are many guys going through training slightly older nowadays given the economy etc. how are they perceived , my phys is pretty strong so am wondering will I stick out as being older ?

    also are there any restrictions on specialisations for older enlisted soldiers - do they get blocked applying for UKSF ? thats something Ive heard over here in Dublin from a lad who's gone ahead as a Rupert in the Irish Guards. Before anyone has a go Im no Walter Mitty just trying to find out will I pushed in a certain direction given my age training.

    Ive spent six years with a Reserve Battalion of the Irish Defence Forces , have a civilian parachute qualification so I'm keen to have a crack


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