26 regt Ra (Sandhams Coy)

i was 26 92-95,but in the far superior dragons(haha),knew a few good lads out of 16bty,bumped into mr a.pratt at larkhill 96 (changed his name tho?), .....wonder what happened to him? i know he tried to go "there" but was unsucsessful???????????????????????????????????? :wink:
Was attached for logistical purposes to 126 battery, 26 Regt RA in Jajce, Bosnia in 1996 when I was in HALO Troop.

Would love to hear from Gunner 'Fat Ivan' one of the postal clerks in the Battery. He was a big lad from Basildon and we met up on leave.

Remember a real chewing I got as a vehicle commander by a hard as nails Taff WO2 when my driver nearly ran his vehicle of the road.

Happy days. Good bunch of blokes they were, too..
last time i saw Alan Pratt was 1999 when i was at larkhill doin adv sigs cse...he was in the bell in amesbury..drunk as a C***. Aint seen him since..

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