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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Greengrass, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Have a got a posting order through and later this year am Guttsloh (spelling) bound as a JNCO is any one here in a position to give me the low down on the score there. No pointless slagging off and comment like “Fcuk me its shit get out now” will not be helpful. Post here or PM cheers.
  2. Cinema on camp. Out camp, turn right takes you to Town. Turn left takes you to Autobahn, brothel, McDonalds (in that order). 26 are aligned to 20 Bde, so don't rule out a trip to Iraq from May onwards...

    As for anything else, life is very much what you make it...
  3. The cinema has moved to PRB on the 'dark' side of town.

    Otherwise, everything is as Maj B says - and I loved it there. Mind you, these things are usually determined by the headshed that you have...good luck. :)
  4. Hey Hey Green Grass back to Iraq with the QDG again . AL MUTHANNA or AL AMARAH .See you there buddy .
  5. Cheers for the info it always worth knowing where your nearest McDonalds and knocking shop are. As for another trip to the sand pit whoopee do the RAF give frequent flyer miles? Can anyone help with more mundane stuff like what Div/Bdg flashes the lads where etc I know I could wait till I get there but it looks better if I tip up already kitted out. Also any particular quirks the RSM has in place time in reconnaissance is seldom wasted and all that.
  6. GG, suggest you phone your Tp/Bty and ask them. Flashes will either be 1Div Rhinos or 20 Bde fists and/or some strange Arty or Corps badge that you can only buty from the PRI...
  7. 20 Bde fist, UK flash and TRF.
  8. The RSM is a top guy. I have known him since he was a LBdr in 19 Fd Regt and he is brilliant.
  9. Has it changed ? I had (still have in a draw somewhere) the rhino

    As to the place, nice Junior Ranks club, shame the flicks has gone
  10. From my days way back when, before 26, but same location..... the main thing to remeber is not to try and leave camp around 15:00 on a school day. Other than that it's a good camp to be in.
  11. Any body been there more recentley, say within the past 6 to twelve months? hoping to get posted there after finsihing basic.
  12. Excellent posting, great location I would go back in a flash!
  13. Die Welle. Big swimming pool typey place with water slides, wave pool, Jacuzzi, and, as far as I can remember, the birds go topless. Don't know if they have a weight limit though.
  14. Yep, good fella the RSM. Only quirk I remember was that he had a morbid dislike of people who tipped up in all their badges before they are issued. Apart from that, sound chap. ;)

    Oh....and have fun their Greengrass.....der beer ist goot ya?

    Oh and further tip....Kebab = Gyros (pronounced "Ghee-Ross")

  15. Now Now Dale......that's not very freindly......might be construde as being "ein kleine bitte"