26 MI Coy - where is it?

Evening all,

I'm moving down to Cardiff this summer and I'm looking to transfer to a new TA unit when I get down there. I've been trying to find out where 26 Coy's dets are, but I'm not having much success. Depending on where I look, it's either in Cardiff, Newport, or it doesn't have any. The 3 MI Bn website is missing, the army website still lists 29 MI Coy at the wrong TAC, so I'm not inclined to trust it overmuch, and the Int Corps brochure isn't too helpful either. Quite tellingly, none of the guys from 53 Sigs can remember seeing any Int Corps at their TAC, which is supposed to house the Cardiff det.

I haven't rung Bn HQ yet, as I'd prefer to avoid wasting their time if there isn't a det local to me, so if anyone can shed any light...

26 Coy is being renamed and will be part of 5 (V) MI Battalion come the 1st of April. Its detachments are in Keynsham (main) and Newport.

Afraid I cant remember what 26 Coy will be called in future. I think its 52 Coy, but I could be wrong, and I am sure the other people on here will be quick to point out my mistake if Im wrong!
Thank you...I don't know the Cardiff area that well yet, but Newport looks a lot more commutable than Keynsham :)

I'll ring Bn HQ tomorrow and get the gen, but that's an encouraging start.
26 MI Coy has been redesignated as of 01 April 08 to come under the 5th Bn. It is now 54 MI Coy (V) with detachments in Newport (544 MI Sect (V)) and Exeter (545 MI Sect (V)).

usmarox: you've been PMd about the Newport Sect

Hope this helps.

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