26 Engr Regt

Just had a whisper in my ear that I might be getting posted to 26 Engr Regt LAD. Can anyone tell me anything about the posting/quarters/ impending tours.

Your help (and sarcasm) is most welcome -
Just been posted from 22 Engrs, 26 Engr are rapidly getting real estate on teh same barracks area now, so effictively a 'Engineer Garrison'

The camp when finished in the next year or so will be a massive improvement for both units, the new married quarteres are far better than the rat infested ruins that used to be there.

There is a reasonanly new patch just outside the base, difficult but worth asking for - alternatively the new ones on Matthews estate arent too bad either and about 10 mins walk from the unit

If they offer you Bulford, politely tell them too 'ram it'

Any q's mate PM me, l lved in the area for nearly 12 years

Once again Night_trained amazes us with more duff info. Maybe think before you type you pleb. 22 and 26 Engr Regt are in the middle of a huge refurbishment being undertaken by Aspire. Go onto their website if you want to see what the accomodation is going to be like. Whilst some of the hangers are staying most of the living accomodation and working areas should be getting replaced very soon. Having worked for Aspire I can honestly say the accomodation is the best I've ever seen. As for the area it's not too bad if you can drive otherwise you are screwed. Bournemouth is 1 hour away, London an hour by train, Southampton, Salisbury, Basingstoke and Reading are all within an hours drive as well. It's not a bad area with not much crime outside squaddies kicking the snot out of each other. I've been in the area for 9 years now and really like it.

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