26 Armoured Engineer Squadron, 32 Engineer Regiment

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Carrie07, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking to get some information on the 26 AES emblem. The fist with the wings and the lightening. I can't seem to find anything on how it came in to being the Squadron's emblem and what it represents.

    Anyone know anything or where I can find more info?
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    bunch of poofs , try 31 with the lion of ceylon aka Yogi.
    or type 26 armoured engineers into facebook and meet all yer olde friends on there . Ask for mike hes the Badge and banner expert .
    pm me if you get stuck .
  3. This all stems from Op Granby 1990 - 1991, where the Corps largest ND took place. The "wings" are actually a pair of buttocks belonging to DP being separated by the "armoured fist" which is actually the Troop Staffies fist in a G10 Barb Wire glove being inserted into DP's ass as a result of firing off the GV rocket basket in the Harbour Area. The lightning denotes the flash to bang time of the realisation of what was about to happen after pressing the fire button.

    Civvy "what were you in?" Me "the Royal Engineers" Civvy "oh the REME" Me "shut up you ****!"
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  4. Interesting thread, having done some time with 26CAES in Munsterlager 1979/80. Also interesting the RE vs. REME comment, I get the reverse comment, when I say Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (no use saying REME, just have to spell it out anyway) I hear "oh the Royal Engineers eh".
  5. You should be so blessed!!

    Gods chosen few.
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  6. Even from the outside 26CAES were a great unit to be attached to. Good down to earth people who were easier to get on with than to fall out with.
  7. Went to BATUS in '86 with a bunch "Farmers" from 26 (in the old days before every Engr Sqn went armoured).
    They were OK, for Tankies!!
  8. Fine bunch of lads to go drinking or on tour with...in the build up to Kosovo in 99 we had a stencil of the winged fist made up to paint on the vehicles..eventually someone pointed out it looked a lot like the nazi eagle symbol..
  9. You ******** !
  10. You ******** !

    26 got disbanded after me and then re-instated.

    I was in in the early 1970's.