26 Armd Engr Sqn Ex in Denmark 87

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BROMLEYBOY, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Anyone out there remember the exercise that took place in Denmark in 1987. I few things that I remember were the local police gave us their cards just in case we needed assistance in getting back to camp (free taxis). The guided tour of randers when the tour guide informed us of the different colours of cows that they had in Denmark. Also after the tour there was free beer waiting for us on the top floor of one of the accomodation blocks, we ran like lunatics up the stairs, causing the Danes to take cover. On the Saturday morning the camp had an open day, we marched onto the square to a Danish Jazz band, our Troopy was the only officer not to be wearing a sword, but this was rectified when he was given a plastic sword half way into the parade. And lastly when on ranges we were told to take all of the tracer rounds out of the GPMG ammunition as the Danes were afraid of starting a range fire, they then asked if we could demonstrate a Carl Gustarv Anti Tank bring fired, they soon put a stop to it when they saw how big the tracer was. It was one of the best exercises that I went on, the only down side was that the Danes would not feed us any chips. And one last thing on the Saturday morning after the parade whilst drinking in the bar on the top floor one of the Danish soldiers decided to fall out of one of the windows.
  2. mmm..i seem to remember this, but i was unfortunate not to go on it (probably on Soltau or at Bovvy!!) Was it the Sigs and MT or did some of the tank troops go as well?
  3. Was it Ex Black Gap?
  4. It was 2Tp and Sp Tp that took part in the exercise. The morning after the meet and greet everyone was worse for wear, and the SSM (the 59 guy who made us swim the Fluggy) had us doing PT and most people started vomitting, which was highly amusing to the Danes.
  5. Although I did not go to Denmark, I can remember the return trip with the Danes in Munsterlager. The bit that really sticks in my mind is how quiet the normally jovial and loud Danes where when we took them to Bergen Belsen; other than that I remember a lot of time spent in the Squadron Bar during the visit!
  6. What a bar that was, I remember when the SSM had the bright idea for the ceilling, empty baked bean tins. Also anyone remember the time when we were told we were off to the Gulf, it was when we were on Exercise, and we had a rather large party before deploying back to Munsterlager. The result was that the marquee was burnt down and the RSM was not amused when certain people went tent racing over his tent.
  7. The first barman with the bean tins...Jock R****e, and Max B***e with his chippie skills....and the Marquee(sqn bar) at Bridge Camp...i was one of the people on top swinging on a dolly....and i remember a certain small Recce Sgt (1Tp) giggling and running around the bottom pulling out guy ropes... i didn't do the wo's and sgts mess tent run mind...hehehe
  8. I am struggling to remember Jock behind the bar, unless he was the SSM's Corporal as well; Max was in 1 Troop with me.

    I don't remember the Bridge Camp fun and games, but that is probably a good thing since I would have been expected to behave like a boring, grown up! Anyway who let my Recce Sgt have a second beer, that's about all it seemed to take for him to get himself into trouble .......
  9. I had to drive Lumpy G back to Munsterlager first thing the following morning (having been told after a couple of hours drinking) luckily I was'nt stopped by the GCP. But I seem to remember that Joan Collins sister was the AADJT and she came in for some abuse (all in jest of course) during the nights festivities, but the best thing of all the beer was free all night. Funny to think that it was 20 years ago, where has the time gone.
  10. Clearly after I had left, previous mini-Adj was still there when I departed for Hameln.

    Bromleyboy - trying to work out who you are, did you end up as MT Sgt/SSgt in a TA unit in the north west and help me out with transport for the mother of on eof my lads when I was in 14 Topo?
  11. Hungwe, no I only rose to the dizzy height of LCpl whilst with 26. I spent the majority of time in Sp Tp as a Frog Op, but then had to re role (due to injury) as a Clerk then worked in the Sqn Office prior to my posting to 28 in 1992.
  12. then you know me and vickey verka....did you fall off a balcony down danzigerstrasse or thereabouts?
  13. No that was not me but I know who you're on about. My only real claim to fame was that I refused to wash the CO's skiddies whilst in the Gulf. Also I was one of the guys that was caught fighting and had to fight again the following day in the Gym whilst being watched by the NCO's from 26, again I got my arse kicked.
  14. Ahhhh...by that fullscrew in the boxing team...crap...you'll still know me..check your PM's (-;=