25th years ago this month

This month marks the 25th anniversary of 2 of the highest profile murders in the history of the Irish State

crime journalist Veronica Guerin on 26 June by a crime gang led by “Factory” John Gilligan.

and 25 year ago today, 7th June, Detective Garda Jerry McCabe by the PIRA
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At about this time (0650 hrs) 25 years ago, an An Post van pulled up in Adare Co. Limerick, to deliver cash to local post offices. It was carrying £81,000. Following behind was a blue Ford Mondeo. This was an unmarked Garda Car.

In this car was Detective Garda Ben O'Sullivan and Detective Garda Jerry McCabe. Their job was to guard the delivery, to prevent the provisional IRA from stealing the cash to fund their terrorist campaign.

D/Gda O'Sullivan, who was driving, noticed a Mitsubishi Pajero approaching them from behind at speed. The Pajero rammed them. Two armed men wearing balaclavas jumped from the jeep. 15 rounds of automatic fire were aimed at the patrol car from an AK-47 carried by the men.

D/Gda O'Sullivan was hit 11 times. D/Gda McCabe was hit 3 times, and was killed. A Mitsubishi Lancer pulled up, and the armed men made their escape, empty handed.

The two Gardaí were armed with Smith and Wesson .38 revolvers and an Uzi submachine gun. Neither had the chance to defend themselves.

The robbery was an operation by the provisional IRA to attempt to steal funds for their "campaign". The PIRA army council distanced themselves from the robbery. Gerry Adams would later say that the operation was sanctioned by an "authorised person" within the PIRA in Munster.

Four men were convicted of manslaughter of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe by the Special Criminal Court. Sinn Fein would go on to campaign for these mens release from prison. On the 5th of August 2009, one of the killers, Pearse McAuley, was released from Castlerea Prison.

Waiting outside to collect Pearse McAuley was Martin Ferris, who only stood down as a SF TD before the 2020 general election. While in prison, McAuley would be visited by SF TDs, including Aengus Ó Snodaigh and Sean Crowe.

Pearse McAuley is back in prison, having been sentenced to 10 years in prison for seriously assaulting and stabbing his wife at home on Christmas Eve 2014.

2 PIRA members from the 6 person gang still evade justice. SF and the PIRA leadership know who these are. They say that the troubles are over, but the wounds they inflicted still haven't healed.

In July 2000, D/Gda O'Sullivan was awarded the Gold Scott Medal for Valor. Detective Garda Jerry McCabe was awarded it posthumously. We remember them, for standing up for democracy in Ireland, for which Jerry McCabe paid for with his life. May he rest in peace.
The Garda federation made a similar quietly dignified post.

Cowardly criminal thieves, very understated.


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