25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

I've got the feeling that the 73-year old Bugs who joined as an under-18 monoglot Irishman in 1966, yet still passed an English-language intelligence test in the top percentile that nobody else can remember taking,....

......may be talking bollocks.

Say it ain’t so!

Interesting because in my own time in West Berlin it wasn’t at all uncommon to see the VOPOs setting up VCP. Indeed they sometimes tried it with BFG and even military plated vehicles. That’s why we all carried those flags with “Fetch a responsible Soviet Officer on them”.

Indeed given that all the Wessies driving on the corridor all kept slavishly to the 100 kmh rule suggests that there must have been some constraint on them, given the predilection for velocity seen in every Mercedes, BMV and Audi driver in Germany.

@Berlin_104s will know more.

The RMP Sweep Patrol from ACP Alfa at Helmstedt did a return trip of the Berlin Corridor every night. They were forever reporting sightings of VOPO speed traps.

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Exactly...the case for the prosecution rests :)

The defence wasn't very strong to be honest!

Only once in my whole time in West Berlin and Berlin, Capital of the GDR was I ever pulled up for excessive speed between West Berlin and West Germany – show your licence and your vehicle documents. I’d actually been doing in excess of well over 200 kmh at points. The relevant “Vopo” arrogantly and haughtily demanded 200 DM. I nonchalantly handed him a 1,000 Deutschmark note, which he took and then hared off with to change it. When your man there came back and I flashed my Irish passport with its DDR stamps, he apologised most profusely. I was later reimbursed by the GDR Culture Ministry. I’d like to note that what I did would’ve normally have attracted a driving-ban of at least 12 months or more.

Another classic extract from:

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