25th Anniversary of the Droppin Well Pub Bombing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by V30A, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. 25 years ago today.

    BBC News


    06 December 1982

    Killed by time bomb left in disco at Droppin Well Bar, Ballykelly, County Londonderry.

    Killed by: Irish National Liberation Army (INLA)

    Stephen Smith (24) British Army, Off Duty,
    Philip McDonough (26) British Army, Off Duty,
    Steven Bagshaw (21) British Army, Off Duty,
    Clinton Collins (20) British Army, Off Duty,
    David Murray (18) British Army, Off Duty,
    David Stitt (27) British Army, Off Duty,
    Shaw Williamson (20) British Army, Off Duty,
    Terence Adams (20) British Army, Off Duty,
    Neil Williams (18) British Army, Off Duty,
    Paul Delaney (18) British Army, Off Duty,
    David Salthouse (23) British Army, Off Duty,
    Ruth Dixon (17) Protestant, Civilian,
    Carol Watts (25) Protestant, Civilian,
    Angela Hoole (19) Civilian, Visiting from England,
    Patricia Cooke (21) Catholic, Civilian, Injured by the bomb, died 16 December 1982,
    Valerie McIntyre (21) Protestant, Civilian,
    Alan Callaghan (17) Protestant, Civilian.

    Their murderer; Eamonn Moore, received life for the 17 Droppin' Well murders. He later left INLA and joined the IRA, and qualified for early release under the Good Friday Agreement.
  2. May they all rest in peace.
    I went to the memorial service on Sunday with my hubby.

    My thoughts go out to all who remember them.
  3. Remember . RIP.
  4. RIP

    We will remember them and their families. They paid the ultimate price.

    May the good Lord comfort their families, as we pray for the families they left behind.

  5. Looking at the ages of the younger fallen, sadly I was getting happily pissed safely at home at that age while they were in NI (much to my shame) - please let their families and colleagues know we will never ever forget them. RIP