25th Anniversary of Falklands War

2007 sees the 25th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, where 255 servicemen died 8,500 miles from home liberating the Islands and its people from the Argentine Forces under the dictatorship of its Military Junta.

On June 14th this year, 24 years to the day of the liberation, Veterans of the conflict are launching an appeal to erect a National Monument in Wales The plans are already well advanced with political leaders from all parties in Wales in full Support.

Cardiff County Council are helping with the plans and siting of the historic monument which will be located in our Capital.

Earlier this year, the organisation representing those Veterans, the South Atlantic Medal Association, Wales (SAMA Wales) took delivery of a rock weighing more than 5 tons, from a battlefield on the Islands. The Rock is a gift, from the Falkland Islanders to the Welsh Veterans. This rock, which has travelled half way round the world to be in Wales, will now become the focal point of the monument. In addition all 255 names will be inscribed on a plinth which will enable families, friends and comrades of all those who died to remember them.

Welsh Veterans now need to raise £15,000 to ensure its completion and are appealing for the public to once again remember 1982 and the sense of pride which was so evident. Wales suffered more than any other home nation during the conflict with casualties at every battle including the attacks on our ships.

The largest loss of life during a single incident being the Sir Galahad attack at Fitzroy on June 8th 1982 where 50 men died and over a hundred were injured, the vast majority being Welshmen.

Anyone wishing to donate can send their cheque or PO’s made out to SAMA Wales to
PO Box 82, Blackwood, Gwent, NP2 0YE.

For further information SAMA Wales can be contacted on samawales@btinternet.com or by
phoning 01874 625125. Or in North Wales 01248 353724.

Falklands Veterans themselves are planning a major fundraising event and at the end of September this year they will be taking part in a sponsored walk to Pen y fan, the highest mountain in South Wales. Up to 100 veterans, many of them who were injured in 1982 including blind and limbless veterans also families of those who did not return. Anyone wishing to make a donation or wanting to take part or for more info PM me. Cheers

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