25pc could vote BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Haven't You been upgraded to FSB yet ?
  2. It happned in France with Jean Marie Lepen's Front Nationale party and it was only a matter of time before it happned here in the UK too.
  3. As KGB degraded into FSB then your question has been stated incorrectly.
  4. Johnson Beharry V.C - what We repatriate Him ?
  5. With honour, I may suppose.
  6. 5% of My Infantry Battalion were none white - so they go too ?
  7. There'd be shedloads of serving and ex squaddies making bloody sure no one laid a finger on Beharry V.C.
  8. Aye thats what I'm getting at. The Blokes Black and a Hero - HE IS ONE OF US

    5% of a Battalion is 32 blokes - tooled up and heading KGB's way
  9. No, Master-Sniper. You understand me in the wrong way. I only suggested that BNP at power could make this step (repatriation of the hero). In no way I wish it.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Good piece on this on Radio 4 this morning. Area that was chosen was inner city, predominately white in council housing and feeling disadvantaged in comparison with the immigrants they see coming into the area. Folk interviewed were surprisingly matter of fact (read blunt) about things. All interviewees had been Labour voters before and all had stories about how the best of resources were going to new immigrants coming in to their area, to the point of being moved from their home to make room for them. Unsurprisingly, none were impressed with this councils sense of priorities.

    How representative their views would be across the entire voting public would be hard to gauge. In some areas such as the one used this morning, 25 % might be possible but for most areas, I would think (hope!) it would be less.

    I did find in funny that the BBC reporter (who selected the members of public that the BNP canvessers were allowed to approach) choose them a immigrant pakistani, who agreed that there were too many immigrants coming in (now that he is safely in with visa) and that he "would be voting for them" in future! 8O

    On a more serious note I can only hope that our leading parties sit up and realise just how annoyed off people are in the UKs shambolic immigration system. I don't really want to see BNP in any position of authority but I would like more robust and common sense policies being introduced rather than the airy-fairy PC crap we have.

    Let people come in on merit and by invitation not just because of some policy maker's opinion they are "disadvantaged" in their home country. Frankly, charity should begin at home.
  11. Apparently guys like that are accepted (grudgingly maybe) as they are doing a service to this Country & supporting it. I think its the economic migrants only coming here for benifits & Hooky & his mates who will be on the end of any repatriation. That is what I read on one of thier pamphlets anyway. Oh, & they want to close the door permanatly. Which cant be too much of a bad thing if it stops the sh1te stirrers & spongers. :roll: I dont agree with any BNP policys (tell a lie, maybe 1 or 2 ) but you can see why it appeals to alot of people in the current climate in Britain. They wont get my vote as its just taking votes away from the Conservatives. Which is probally why bLIAR has,nt slapped one of his draconian orders, sorry laws on them. 8O

    Regards LT.

  12. people are turning to the extremist partys out of frustration and as a protest to the main political partys we are stuck with at the moment.

    its an overall symptom that the British electorial system is in dire need of reform.

    the sooner we have proportional representation in our gov the better.
  13. Oh aye ........ I don't blame You for back tracking.

    When the rounds are flying up and down range You don't give a flying fcuk if the bloke next to You is bright purple