I wasn't quite sure where to put this post so I'm goin to stick it here so everyone can TRY and help.

Does anyone know how to work out the local time if you know how far in either degrees or miles from the time line GMT?

It varies due to national bondaries, but roughly.....
180 degrees W = + 12 hrs
180 degrees E = - 12hrs.
So for each 15 degrees latitude W add 1 hour, for each 15 degrees of latitude E subtract one hour.
No I have got a mobile I was just wondering if anyone knew cos I wnt to work something detailed out not just the local time but the time difference between where I am and the actual time zone of the country...sad I no but it may give me an excuse to be lateto work :lol:
go to www.mapmaker.com, and download the sun clock 6 you can set it up for any country in the world, highly recomended but me, and there is no spy ware on it as far as i am aware.
alternatively, go to adjust your clock settings on your pc, and there is a tab there for time zone, you might be able to find something there
The earth is divided into 24 time zones each zone spans 15 degrees of longitude. Point zero is the Greenwhich meridian. To determine a time zone east or west of the Greenwhich meridian simply add or subtract an hour for every 15 degrees traveled longditudinaly( if thats a word ). The earth rotates 15 degrees every hour. (15x24-360,one complete earth rotation). Go east of the Greenwhich meridian you add time as the earth is rotating towards the sun, go west subtract.

Does this help ?

Oh and mag to grid =get rid :lol:

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