254 Field Ambulance

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rsigslad, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this unit i cant find a website to them.
    I am looking at transferring to this unit i was wondering if anyone knows if this is a good unit or not and if the lads and lassess are ok.

    Thanks for your time i hope you can help me out
  2. some of them are complete cocks or were in 2003
  3. cheers lads they dont look to bad i think ill pay them a visit
  4. you will regret it by no means all of them but some of there longer serving members are fucking cocks if you are lucky they will have left by now
  5. I dont think theres no harm in looking unless you know any better units in the east anglia apart from infantry to look at
  6. Go and meet them. Opinions are like arrseholes.

    In my experience of their LAD; very nice chaps and chappesses but useless at anything to do with soldiering or fixing stuff. I've never worked with actual medics from that unit (but I can make horrific assumptions and generalisations about medics :D )
  7. as im a rad o i see on there website they need radio operators will i be cap badged medic if i carryed on my trade or do i stay signals
  8. if your a Rad op in a medical unit you are cap badged RLC mate
  9. I can't figure out which is worse. Wearing a fried egg and being a retard or wearing a naked Jimmy and being a pasty faced geek :D
  10. lol thats a hard one to choose from.I dont really wanan be a rad op thats the whole reason im leaving the signals i want a new challenge
  11. you dont have to go as a rad op you can re trade as a driver, chef, mechanic or scablifter
  12. You'd rebrand as RLC. RLC even do 2 Sig Bde comms, which is weird as they don't do comms for their own Logistics Bdes.
  13. why don't you try 6 Regiment Army Air Corps who drills on a tues at the same place as 254? All very new and they are looking for juniors....... if you really wanted to be a medic you could be but with a gucci beret