254 Divisional general support medical Regt

Hi, im looking for some information on 254 regt... I am in The royal Engineers, and my fiance is in QARANC... we are due to get married end of november and are going to try get a compassionate posting for her... I am based in Waterbeach, Cambridge and as a 1st posting, it is a 5 year posting. my fiance I think is due to have another posting soon. and 254 is 9 miles away from waterbeach...

Does anyone have any information about what the unit does?

any help will be appreciated. thanks.
Dragstrip said:

thanks for reply , but not much info on that website. anyone else know about it? thanks
As far as im aware its a TA Regt with a regular sqn up in preston so i cant see there being a posting for a regular QARANC down there. Dont quote me on it because im not 100% sure, just a guess!


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ViroBono said:
The nearest posting a QA is likely to get is MDHU Peterborough.
Is there not still a small det at Ely? The old RAF hospital. And I'm sure there are a couple at Addenbrookes. Or maybe they just look liek QA, being so butch and buxom. :D

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