253 Provost Company, Tulse Hill.

Hi there,

I'm looking to join the RMP V, In particular the 253 Provost Company at Tulse Hill. I have been looking through the forum for any info but there doesn't seem to be any, apart from what’s on the army website. Are there any current serving RMP at 253 who would be able to give me some inside information what its like there, what qualities do 253 especially look out for in new recruits. What is the induction training like, what is the selection process like from start to finish? And what kind of work does this unit especially do?
Most of the info on recruitment I have read on other threads but I'm just interested specifically with 253 prov coy. I'm 38 at the moment and this would be my last chance to do what I have always wanted if its not too late by now. I don't wont to screw this chance up so any advice and information I would be very gratefully for.

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