253 Provost Company at Tulse Hill.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OLD FART NEW ASS, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking to join the TA RMP, In particular the 253 Provost Company at Tulse Hill. I have been looking through the forum for any info but there doesn't seem to be any, apart from what’s on the army website. Are there any current serving RMP at 253 who would be able to give me some inside information what its like there, what qualities do 253 especially look out for in new recruits. What is the induction training like, what is the selection process like from start to finish? And what kind of work does this unit especially do?
    Most of the info on recruitment I have read on other threads but I'm just interested specifically with 253 prov coy. I'm 38 at the moment and this would be my last chance to do what I have always wanted if its not too late by now. I don't wont to screw this chance up so any advice and information I would be very gratefully for.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    It's not too late by any stretch of the imagination. Best to get yourself along to their drill night and ask as many questions as you like.

  3. Hope it goes better than my low profile attempt to enquire about joining TA RMP. I rocked up, and was told to wait in the corridor outside the Admin office. 45 mins go by, and eventually I am sat down by a SSgt, who asks me what I can bring to the party. 7 years service in the Regulars, LGV quals, rank of Cpl, continental TA service, 50m swimming badge, etc. This was met with a blank stare, and complete lack of enthusiasm for what I had to offer. And no vacancies anyway, apparently,

    Fair enough, I thought, I'll get myself right off, I'm not suitable material. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, at least I had a pop.
    At this point, I am virtually out of the door. Just before leaving, the Staffy asks me what I am doing for a living now. Constable in Civpol, I reply. Cue the 180 degree change in attittude. When could I start? We need more like you, blah, blah.

    Like fukcing never, I reply, and keep on walking.

    A reject STAB RMP Walt. Oh yeah, that's what I am.
  4. vaguely similar to my attempts with RMP(V), suffice to say, I finally understood why my step father (and everyone else) hated the monkeys.
  5. So I wasn't the only one to get the cold shoulder from the RMP(V), I tried 252 Provost Company. They didn't seem interested. As a result I never went through with my transfer.
  6. OFNA, email: 4rmp-253-recruiting@mod.uk
    The recruiting sgt is TA so there may be a delay in getting a reply.

    Minimum requirements (as per the Regs):
    minimum grade C in Maths and English Language GCSE (or equivalent)
    No criminal convictions
    Maximum 7 penalty points on licence (and it depends on what they are for).

    Good luck
  7. Not sure if you guys are still looking to join 253, but try ringing the CSM there he will tell you how it is and was very helpfull. Can't ask fairer than that
  8. Sad to say, the comments here about 253 are fairly accurate. It's very cliquey, and the training once you're in is very ad-hoc. There are unfortunately several very fat, very opinionated NCOs who bring down the tone of the whole unit; these guys even managed to block the appointment of a new PTO after their old one was killed in a car accident. The ex-Regular staff are generally very good, though, lest anyone think I had nothing but bad times there. I had some great laughs, met some great people and learned a hell of a lot. The unit is sadly plagued by a handful of far less positive guys, though.

    It's a bit tricky to get on training courses there (cliquey, again) and the unit spends very little time on the range. There's also a high proportion of civpol (and it sounds as if they're more influential now than when I was there). Some of them are good guys, just the sort you'd want as coppers. Some of them are dangerous nutters (naming no names). On the other hand, the unit very much stood by its members when they met with problems in civilian life, providing work and even temporary accom; in this regard they couldn't have done more.

    Mixed feelings about my time there. I don't regret it, but it wasn't all laughs; while some of the senior staff there are solid gold, they're balanced by a number of looney-tunes. Hope all that's useful.
  9. You sure you have the right 253, they don't have a PTO or somebody who recently died, let alone in a car accident ? and getting on courses is as easy as speaking to the PSI
  10. The only person to have died in a car crash at 253 was an on duty police officer and that was in 2001. The training is in monthly cycles, policing, MATTS, provost operations and infantry skills. It will only be ad hoc if you didn't attend regularly!

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  11. Okay then. Considering this as an option. I'm currently a Border Force Officer (BFO) and a serving Special Constable (SC)
    However, it seems that after 4 years as a SC (and 7 as a BFO) it is likely to be considered a conflict of interest? I'm looking to continue doing something in the policing world and thought I was too old for the Reserve Army (48 next year) but, it would appear not?
    Any advice or thoughts? I can't afford to join CivPol as a regular, due to the loss in earnings, and I'm way over the hill for the Regular Army.
    Cheers and have a safe New Year:party:
  12. 253 cliquey? Just know your Masonic drills and once upon a time you could fly high even if you failed the selection weekend because you were afraid of heights just ask fatboyslim, ex RCT...
  13. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

    It didn't occur to you to mention being a copper, then?
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  14. This is an old blog but found it whilst idly surfing my phone waiting for a bloody train home. In case anybody sees this and us put off, I am a new recruit and at the ...ahem... senior end of the selection range. I can't praise the guys and girls at 253 highly enough. I am a civie officer and never been in the forces other than a short time in the 80s in the RNR, but I can honestly say NONE of the criticisms above reflect my view of the unit now. I have never met such a friendly helpful bunch in 30 years in 'The Job' and really glad I got in. Give it a try...
  15. Good luck.

    Most of the old guard have retired. Unfortunately, one of the old guard was actually a great guy former Reg S/Sgt and PSI... hopefully his values endure.
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