252 Pro Coy 5RMP recruiting in the North East

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Recruiting252ProCoy5RMP, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. From January 2008, 252 Pro Coy 5RMP will be recruiting heavily for its HQ element based at Norton, Teeside, and its 2 platoons based in Norton, and Newcastle respectively.

    If you are interested, or have any relevant questions, then please drop an email confirming your interest, and including full name, date of birth, sex and preferred location to :


    All serious emails will be acknowledged in due course.

    For further info, please visit :

  2. Bump!

    A few have come to join us - we want more!
  3. what do you have to offer that 4 RMP doesn't? how long you been with 252?
  4. Join the RAC.
  5. Well, we have a shorter drive if you live in the North East/Scotland, as 5RMP cover the northern end of the British Isles, and 4RMP cover the south - roughly Manchester southwards.....

    Seriously though, we probably offer pretty much the same as any other RMP TA Coy, but having not been with 4RMP for a number of years now, I couldn't say for sure.

    As for how long I've been with 252, a while now, PM me if you want more details!
  6. Stop it, people will find you! Jeeze.

    You taking all types, and not just ex reg et civi police bods? I'm too far down south now but it's a usual question when it come to RMP.
  7. Yes, we'll take most people on! A lot decide it isn't for them, but then again, the same is true for any TA unit these days.
  8. 253 are "down south" london to be precise if you fancied RMP that much, i suppose cannock would be too far away also??
  9. Any in Liverpool? I've worked with the civvie police a lot and know most of their procedures quite well. Do you need a clean record to join?
  10. Nearest to Liverpool would be 116 Pro Coy, who should have completed their move to Cannock by now. I know they've had a number of scousers there in the past, so it shouldn't be too far to travel.

    Don't forget to mention you're enquiring as a result of ARRSE if you do decide to have a look.