251 Signal Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by he_man, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. [Insert your thoughts here]
  2. Why dont you insert your thoughts first. You've obviously got something on your mind.
  3. used to be full of dykes
  4. Your not a fan of 251 are you Boney. Been reading some of your old posts.

    Put it this way.

    It has become the Hellmouth.
  5. he_man stop sitting on the fence waiting for others to do your dirty work for you !

    Have some balls man - spell the problem out - share it with the rest of us - you may feel bettter for getting it off your chest ! ! ! !
  6. Four People signed off in about a month, with about 4 more to follow.
  7. he_man - I think Yosser wants you to state the cause - the impact of the effect may then be of greater interest. So get your butt of the damn fence and tells us all what is bothering you.

    Yosser - Mint, Sir?
  8. Its probably unfair to say i'm not a fan of the unit, just my time there was pointless. Went there, moved the family, new schools etc, only for the job to be disestablished a few months later, and get shipped off elsewhere.
  9. 251 is a great posting
  10. Fair one Boney, It's all change now though.

    1 hours notice to move, month on month off ..... indefinately...

    No morale boosts for the lads... Instead they just make them do pt at 2pm on a friday as their reward.
  11. We need more units like this one
  12. Thats why soldiers get fed up. They assume that they should knock off every friday early doors. And have the sport afternoon that doesnt entail any sport on a Wed. fact of life you would find it difficult to get a profession that pays you as well in civvy street for the little work you do. i can imagine you asking for early knock off on a fri and your regulation sporty on a wed to a civvy. if you land that job please let me know.
  13. So happy hammer, don't you think your entitled to an early friday knock off when your on 1 hours notice to move for a month at a time, 6 months of the year? No Drinking, No Trips to anywhere over 20 mins away, No singlies able to go and see their families. Bit harsh don't you think?

    Oh and the job situation, turn that question around and think.... Is there many Civvy jobs out there that require you to be on standby for that length of time? If there were... they'd be on a damn site more money than we're currently earning.
  14. Is 251 at 30 Sigs?
  15. i see your point but readiness states need to be managed properly. ive been on R1 many at time and my life didnt stop. does all the sqn sit on R1 and deploy all at the same time or do elements go such as recce parties. if so pose the ? why cant we rotate the amount of time on high readiness. sounds like..if what u saying is true your management is failing you and the rest of the lads and lasses.