251 sig sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by brucie, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.

    Does anybody know what this unit actually does? I dont know anybody who knows anything about this unit. Any infomation will be useful.
  2. Does your computer have access to google?
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  3. They provide specialist comms support for UK government agencies for big events like the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee and ARRSE crawls... probably.
  4. 251 Signal Squadron
    Located in Aldershot, Hampshire.
    The role of the Squadron is to provide, high readiness, secure Information Communication Systems (ICS) and specialist support expertise to the UK, Ceremonial Duties and Other Government Department (OGD) operations.
    It has a robust and challenging role and, as such, the soldiers within the Squadron are required to be of a high calibre.

    Took me all of 10 f*cking seconds, modern technology hey ^~
  5. Phone them up and ask they will be more than happy to help. As are most units if you are nice and ask the right questions to the right people.

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  6. The part in bold is not strictly adhered to.

    If it was altered to read "the soldiers within the Squadron are required to have a high BMI" it would be more pertinent.
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  7. Someone needs to update the British Army Website then ^~
  8. Here you go. Let me google that for you

    251 is split into a couple of bits. They provide communications support to ceremonial activities in London. They also provide 'sensitive' comms to a few specialist agencies that work across government departments. They provide comms to regional military LOs in the event of national disasters 'n' stuff. Most of the gear is specialist / bespoke gear rather than Bowman etc. They are almost all on high readiness and ultimately busy as f***. Good squadron all in all but definitely a case of "a bit of this, a bit of that..."
  9. Pretty much what cardinal sin said. Specialist support to agencies in the UK. Provide mobile DII capability to UK based EOD and connectivity between Civillian and Millitary agencies in the event of a disaster or more sinister major incident in the UK. Also provide Comms support for ceremonial and london ops events (Jubilee, Royal wedding, Bridge Ops etc).

    The Guys, once trained, spend 60% of the year on call and must be within 30 mins of Aldershot. Not and ideal unit for a first posting and not great if you have a family.
  10. I live about 300m away.

    I saw them testing some Gucci sat kit up at QinetiQ when I was up there a few months back
  11. 251 used to be the support unit for the Ace High station at Coldblow Lane near Maidstone, now sadly consigned to history. The guys on Ace High were assigned to 251 for admin purposes, but in reality never went near Aldershot and very rarely saw anyone from 'management'.
    Top posting........back in the day.
  12. Aces High?!!! \m/ Up the Irons!
  13. Top posting = ******* shite. As a young Tech Cpl or Sgt (23 ) a posting to Arrse high was a death blow. After a 4 1/2 month course = 1/2 of a year of your life lost with pre and post leave you were on the Arrse high books for life . Even had to sign a 9 year ( I think ) extension to your contract. So it was a loop, Maidstone, the ******* Shetlands, Alnwick , some shit hole outside Lincon and back to Maidstone . Old failed 45 year old Sgts with a fixed extension as they were Arrse high experts who were the "experts" and therefore the day workers . No 24 hour on/ off shifts for those *******. No they had a 9 to 4 O clock, 5 days a week job.

    H&S was a dream back then, The Transmitters were a 1947 design, Klystron with "water cooling? " berlium fittings , diodes the size of dinner plates and high power transformers cooled with oil , the old stuff made from of organochlorides with 1 to 10 chlorine atoms attached to biphenyl, which is a molecule composed of two benzene rings. Or PCB's or death by smelling a bit of smoke.

    6 to 10 kilowatts of failing kit cooled by water , sparking, spitting, smoking and popping and some smart **** worked out if you connect point A to point XYZ 27 B with a bit of bent wire coat hanger you could bypass the kill switch and still transmit. So it's Ok but you die in 27 years. Great. Safety kit was a great big wooden pole with a Bakelite loop on top to pull the frying ,burning , tech from the burning transmitter.

    No courses at all except Career courses and how was one expected to keep up to speed with no Mil training ,no weapons, no pt staff, no training whatsoever and I swear as NBC gear , in 1992 was a WW1 gas cape . As well as that no tax free benefits , yes NATO but based in the UK. Not even the only benefit of a extra few quid for a 24 hr shift pattern , which was a few quid for the purchase of food from the " canteen " . Why ?because the OC accounts decided as ther was no canteen on site therfore the allowance was illegal.

    yes , top posting:)