Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Feelgood, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Dear All,

    I am currently trying to get sponsorship in aid of BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association).

    Next month, our team of 4 will be taking part in the Arctic Team Challenge http://www.atc.gl/ ; a 250Km race over 5 days in Greenland, consisting of Mountain trekking, Mountain biking, Kayaking and Glacier trekking. The course includes over 10,000 metres of vertical ascent.

    The Charity we have chosen to support for this event is BLESMA.

    Whilst working as a Medical Officer at Headley Court, the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, it was moving to see the number of young servicemen coming back missing limbs as a result of their service overseas. For these people, the transition from being extremely fit and active to living with a disability is a hard contrast to get used to both mentally and physically. BLESMA is a charity that helps to ensure that they get the best possible support in their lives:

    “Over two thousand surviving Ex-Service men and women have lost one or more limbs as a result of World War II, Korea, Suez, Aden, The Falklands, The Gulf, Northern Ireland and in support of the United Nations. For them the fight still goes on; to hold their own in the battle of life with a handicap which must always be theirs. Additionally BLESMA continues to care for some 2000 Widows.

    BLESMA's Welfare Service is assisted by 36 Branches throughout the United Kingdom, manned by individuals all of whom give their services voluntarily, and work to ensure that no service limbless or immediate dependants shall needlessly suffer additional anxiety or hardship. The State machinery can handle this problem only in general terms. BLESMA concerns itself with INDIVIDUAL cases.”

    I have set up a page at http://www.justgiving.com/ashokrao - this is a quick and easy way to sponsor me online.

    This worthy cause needs to raise over £1m each year to keep up the excellent work they do in supporting our injured servicemen so please be as generous as you can.

    Many thanks,


    07771 682330
  2. Please throw money in this mans direction.......

    It's one of the best causes around.

    Beebs x
  3. Beebs,

    Thanks very much for your support and donation.

    With the grim news this morning of another 3 dead and one Very Seriously Injured in Iraq, it really does bring to light this charity.

    Whilst working at Headley Court, it was often these guys who were reported as "also injured" in the press who were the ones that had lost limbs and you never heard about again. Unfortunately, "also injured" is deemed by most of the public to mean "got away with a few cuts and bruises".

    Difficult to stomach when a lot of them are in their teens and early twenties.

    Will keep you posted on progress.

  4. Does anyone have any figures on how many guys who have 'been injured' will benefit from BLESMA?

    Beebs x
  5. Hi Beebs,

    Have been on to BLESMA today. There are 42 soldiers who have lost limbs in the last 3 years (Iraq + Afghanistan).

    They have got 1700 members who have lost limbs through conflict and 4700 members in total including widows, non-conflict injuries etc.

    These are just the figures from BLESMA - there are still ex-forces amputees who don't know about BLESMA and aren't registered with them.

  6. That's a lot of work right there :(

    Good luck with the event, it has to be one of the best causes.....

    Those injured are usually forgotten rapidly in the media, what a pity when their war goes on forever.

    42 men adjusting to a life I don't want to imagine. :(

    Beebs x
  7. Bump

    I think the thing is this is a subject we'd rather not think of really.

    But we should, if not for us and ours, for them and theirs..... It's a degree of luck CB

    Beebs x
  8. Is it pay day? :D

    Beebs x
  9. Hey I have no morals, we have 42 good reasons to cough up some beer tokens HERE.....

    Bump, do the bump.....

    Beebs x
  10. Done. £20 of beer tokens on its way.

    Do well fellas.
  11. That passage makes me giggle, bet there was a wee bit of sick, the fear flavoured sick, in the back of your throat when you wrote that...... :D

    Anyone want to throw money at this man you can do it HERE it's one of the most worthy causes, silent and shocking.

    Remember when the whole PM not visiting the wounded thing kicked off a few years ago? Some of these are the men he wasn't visiting.... :x

    Beebs x
  12. Blatant bump.

    Ding dang doo

    Sluggy xxx
  13. OI! You! Put your feckin hand in your pocket and give this man your cash. Its pay day so no feckin excuses. :)

    Have a nice day! While you are supping your pint with both good arms just pass a thought for those who no longer can.

  14. Well put!

    Beebs x

    PS If you'd like me to stop bumping this thread, pledge the cash and put it in the comments box on his justgiving site. :)
  15. Donated.