250 - The best number in the world


Many of the polsters are saying that if Labour lose more than 250 of their local council seats on Thursday, Tony Bliar's position will be completely untenable and there'll be a leadership challenge. A similar party uprising to the one that lead to the downfall of the Iron Lady is predicted.

Get out and vote NOT for Labour - anyone else but Labour. The party behind a failing NHS, unjust war in Iraq, John Prescott the harlot, the Hinduja brothers, Mandelson and his phoney mortgage application, Jack Straw's nonce of a brother, thousands of criminals released early to reoffend, arrse kissing Sinn Fein at Stormont, bribes for peerages, election fraud in Birmingham, Tessa Jowell's fraudster of a husband, council tax dodging by ministers, visa fast tracking by Blunkett and paedos in schools. You get my drift?

If all the contenders are shit, spoil your ballot paper, but do make the effort to vote.
barbarasson said:
you are forgetting Charles Clarke
Quite right too.

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