25 years today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimp503, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Today marks the 25th Annisversary of the re-capture of the Falkland Islands.

    Please take some time out this morning to reflect on all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Freedom

    Those who survived deserve our respect and heart felt thanks for what they had to do under probably the worst fighting conditions since WW2 or indeed WW1.
  2. Raise my glass to that one..the last real light role war fought by Britsih soldiers.

    Anyone been watching Falklands week on History channel?

    Well worth watching, enjoyed the interview with Chris Keeble who commanded 2 Para at Goose Green after Jones' death.

    The way he managed to negociate a surrender with the Argentine Commanders so they could surrender with dignity- was a great plan.
    Otherwise Goose Green would have suffered many more losses.

    Respect to both sides who lost men.

    I did always wonder why NATO were not involved though?
  3. My memories of it as a young soldier going through trade training at Catterick was watching it in the Naafi and thinking, Please dont end before I finish my training - How naive was I? Thank god it did end before I could get my in-experienced self down there. One news reel did effect me and still is as fresh in my memory as the day i saw it and this was the Guy being stretchered to a heli with his leg in the air which had been blown off at the Knee.

    My glass is raised
  4. To every service man and woman who was involved in the Falklands War, both in the South Atlantic and around the world. Thank-you for victory and the selfless example of all.

    To the families, friends and former comrades of those who died, were injured, or have suffered in the last twenty five years, as a result of 1982; My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you today and most days.
  5. I'll be thinking of all the SAMA 82 lads and lasses today. What an outstanding achievement - we are all so very proud of you and the sacrifices that you made. God bless you all.
  6. My thoughts are with those who fought and those who lost relatives and friends.

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  8. Falklands Service Of Remembrance on BBC1 1100 to 1230
  9. Watching it now bringing a tear to the eyes.. Greatest respects to those of the SAMA and what they went through and what they achieved against overwhelming odds
  10. Many South American Countries were symathetic to the Argentine cause, along with the majority of the Hispanic population of the USA. The USA would not and could not openly support the UK invasion.

    The USA would not have been able to commit troops unless they were willing to deal with a major political backlash in the southern US and an equally large diplomatic backlash of anti-US opinion in South America. This would have destroyed co-operation with work such as the anti-narcotics campaigns being waged at the time in conjunction with the Columbian Police.

    No USA, no NATO.

  11. Totally agree with all above ,however its a pity maggie could not have made it down to the islands for Yesterdays service, the powers that be in their infinite wisdom elected that the clown prince himself edward should do the honours, amazing, of the people who could have gone, they sent that waster
  12. Its the first time Ive heard of the Stone Cairn at The Falklands Islands Memorial Chapel & I feel it is a very unique & fitting memorial.
  13. Big respect from me to all who took part, well done to any vets on the site as well. I remember well travelling down there on the Norland and in retrospect I am glad that it was as a Q.O.Hldr. Picking up the brass was bad enough for six months, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the blokes that fought in that terrain.

    Cheers guys and be very proud of what you achieved.
  14. From The Falklands War Page of Remembrance:

    [align=center]They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    Listed below are the names of the British servicemen and civilians who lost their lives during the Falklands War. Please note that the names are not listed in order of rank, but in alphabetical order.


    [align=center]Private Richard J. Absolon
    POAEM(L) Michael J Adcock
    AEM(R)1 Adrian U Anslow
    MEM(M)1 Frank O Armes
    Able Seaman Derek D Armstrong
    A/Cpl Raymound E Armstrong
    A/Sgt J.L. Arthy
    A/WO1 Malcolm Atkinson
    Staff Sgt John I Baker
    Lt Commander David I Balfour
    Lt Commander Richard W Banfield
    Able Seaman Andrew R Barr
    Lieutenant James A Barry
    Lt Commander Gordon W J Batt
    A/Cpl William Begley
    L/Corporal Gary D Bingley
    AB(R) Ian M Boldy
    POMEM(M) David R Briggs
    POAEM(M) Peter Brouard
    Corporal J.G. Browning
    Private Gerald Bull
    L/Cpl Barry C Bullers
    A/Sgt Paul A Bunker
    L/Corporal Anthony Burke
    A/Cpl Robert Burns
    Private Jason S Burt
    ACWEA John D L Caddy
    Marine Paul D Callan
    MEM(M) Paul B Callus
    L/Sergeant James R Carlyle
    POACMN Kevin S Casey
    Elect Fitter Dis Leung Chau, Merchant Navy
    Bosun Yu Sik Chee, Merchant Navy
    L/Cpl Simon J Cockton
    Private Albert M Connett
    Catering Assistant Darryl Cope
    L/Corporal Anthony Cork
    Private Jonathan D Crow
    Sergeant Philip P. Currass
    Lieutenant William A Curtis
    Guardsman Ian A Dale
    A/Sgt Sid A I Davidson
    Marine Colin Davison
    APOCA Stephen R Dawson
    Guardsman D J Denholm
    Captain Christopher Dent
    Private Stephen J Dixon
    AWEM(R) John K Dobson
    Bosun John Dobson, Merchant Navy
    Private Mark S Dodsworth
    Cook Richard J S Dunkerley
    Guardsman Michael J Dunphy
    Cook Brian Easton
    Guardsman Peter Edwards
    WEA1 Anthony C Eggington
    Sergeant Clifford Elley
    Sub Lieutenant Richard C Emly
    Sergeant Roger Enefer
    Sergeant Andrew P Evans
    Corporal Kenneth Evans
    Lt Commander John E Eyton-Jones
    Petty Officer Robert Fagan
    Butcher Dis Sung Yuk Fai, Merchant Navy
    L/Corporal Ian R Farrell
    C/Sergeant Gordon P M Findlay
    Corporal Peter R Fitton
    CPOWTR Edmund Flanagan
    Private Mark W Fletcher
    A/Ldg Cook Michael P Foote
    MEM(M)2 Stephen H Ford
    Major Michael L Forge
    Mechanic Frank Foulkes, Merchant Navy
    PO(S) Michael G Fowler
    Lieutenant Kenneth D Francis
    WO2 Laurence Gallagher
    Sapper Pradeep K Ghandi
    Guardsman Mark Gibby
    L/Cpl Brett P Giffin
    Cook Neil A Goodall
    Guardsman Glenn C Grace
    Guardsman Paul Green
    Private Anthony D Greenwood
    S/Sergeant Christopher A Griffen
    Marine Robert D Griffin
    Guardsman Gareth M Griffiths
    Private Neil Grose
    3rd Eng Officer Christopher Hailwood, Merchant Navy
    WEM(O)1 Ian P Hall
    Captain Gavin J Hamilton
    3rd Eng C Hailwood
    A/Steward Shaun Hanson
    Corporal David Hardman
    A/Sgt William C Hatton
    Std David Hawkins, Merchant Navy
    Flt Lieutenant Garth W Hawkins
    Able Seaman Sean K Hayward
    Lieutenant Rodney R Heath
    Private Peter J Hedicker
    AEM(M) Mark Henderson
    2nd Eng Paul Henry
    AB(EW) Stephen Heyes
    L/Corporal P D Higgs
    AEM(R)1 Brian P Hinge
    Private Mark Holman-Smith
    1st Radio Officer Ronald R Hoole
    Corporal Stephen Hope
    Guardsman Denis N Hughes
    Mechanic James Hughes, Merchant Navy
    Guardsman Gareth Hughes
    A/Sgt William Hughes
    A/Sgt Ian N Hunt
    Private Stephen Illingsworth
    MEA(P) Alexander S James
    Guardsman Brian Jasper
    Private Timothy R Jenkins
    C/Sgt Brian R Johnston
    Sapper Christopher A Jones
    Private Craig D Jones
    Private Michael A Jones
    Lieutenant Colonel Herbert (H) Jones
    A/Sgt Philip Jones
    Yeung Swi Kami, Merchant Navy
    Guardsman Anthony Keeble
    L/Sergeant Kevin Keoghane
    Laundryman Lai Chi Keung, Merchant Navy
    LMEM(M) Allan J Knowles
    Laundryman Kye Ben Kwo, Merchant Navy
    Private Stewart I Laing
    WEM(R)1 Simon J Lawson
    LACAEMN David Lee
    Sergeant Robert A Leeming
    MEM(M)2 Alistair R Leighton
    L/Cpl Paul Lightfoot
    L/Cpl Budhaparsad Limbu
    Corporal Michael D Love
    L/Corporal Christopher K Lovett
    Marine Stephen G McAndrews
    AEMN(I) Allan McAuley
    Corporal Keith J McCarthy
    AEA(M)2 Kelvin I McCallum
    Corporal Douglas F MacCormack
    A/Cpl Michael McHugh
    C/Sgt Ian J McKay
    L/Cpl Peter B Mckay
    Corporal Stewart P F McLaughlin
    Corporal Andrew G McIlvenny
    Marine Gordon C MacPherson
    Cook Brian J Malcolm
    Guardsman David Malcolmson
    Guardsman Michael J Marks
    NA(AH)1 Brian Marsden
    Ldg. Cook A Marshall
    Private Thomas Mechan
    Corporal Michael Melia
    Private P W Middlewick
    ALMEM(M) David Miller
    L/SGT Clark Mitchell
    Guardsman Christopher Mordecai
    3rd Eng Off Andrew Morris
    A/LS(R) Michael S Mullen
    L/Corporal James H Murdoch
    Lieutenant Brian Murphy
    Lpt Gary T Nelson
    L/Corporal Stephen J Newbury
    A/Cpl John Newton
    Guardsman Gareth D Nicholson
    POWEM Anthony R Norman
    Captain Ian North, Merchant Navy
    Marine Michael J Nowak
    Lieutenant Richard J Nunn
    Major Roger Nutbeem
    A/WO2 Sgt Patrick O'Connor
    Cook David E Osborne
    AWEM(N)1 David J A Ozbirn
    APOWEM(R) Andrew K Palmer
    Private David A Parr
    Guardsman Colin C Parsons
    L/Corporal John B Pashley
    MEM(M)2 Terence W Perkins
    Guardsman Eirwyn J Phillips
    Marine Keith Phillips
    Seaman Ng Por, Merchant Navy
    Guardsman Gareth W Poole
    Staff Sergeant James Prescott
    Private Kenneth Preston
    Corporal Stephen R Prior
    LAEM(L) Donald L Pryce
    Guardsman James B C Reynolds
    Cook John R Roberts
    Lt Commander Glen S Robinson-Moltke
    Craftsman Mark W Rollins
    Sergeant Ronald J Rotherham
    Guardsman Nigel A Rowberry
    Marine Anthony J Rundle
    L/Cook Mark Sambles
    L/Corporal David E Scott
    Private Ian P Scrivens
    Lt Commander John M Sephton
    Craftsman Alexander Shaw
    Seaman Chan Chai Sing, Merchant Navy
    L/Cook Anthony E Sillence
    Sergeant John Simeon
    Private Francis Slough
    Corporal Jeremy Smith
    L/Corporal Nigel R Smith
    Corporal Ian F Spencer
    Steward Mark R Stephens
    L/RO(W) Bernard J Still
    Guardsman Archibald G Stirling
    MEA2 Geoffrey L J Stockwell
    L/Cpl Anthony R Streatfield
    AWEA1 D A Strickland
    Steward John Stroud
    S(M) Matthew J Stuart
    WEA1 Kevin Sullivan
    Cpl P S Sullivan
    Cook Andrew Swallow
    L/Cpl Philip A Sweet
    A/Weap Eng art David Strickland
    AAB(EW) Adrian D Sunderland
    Corporal Paul Sullivan
    Cook A C Swallow
    Corporal Stephen J G Sykes
    Sapper Wayne D Tarbard
    Guardsman Ronald Tanbini
    Lieutenant N. Taylor
    Guardsman Christopher C Thomas
    Guardsman Glyn K Thomas
    L/Cpl Nicholas D M Thomas
    Guardsman Raymound G Thomas
    ACWEMN Michael Till
    Lieutenant David H R Tinker
    MEM(M)2 Stephen Tonkin
    A/Cook Ian E Turnbull
    Corporal Andrew B Uren
    POACMN Collin P Vickers
    Mechanic Ernest Vickers, Merchant Navy
    Guardsman Andrew Walker
    WEMN2 Barry J Wallis
    Corporal Edward T Walpole
    L/Cpl Christopher F Ward
    Corporal L G Watts
    Corporal Laurence Watts
    Guardsman James F Weaver
    Master-at-Arms Brian Welsh
    Ldg Cook Adrian K Wellstead
    Private Philip A West
    AWEA2 Philip P White
    ALMEM(M) Stephen J White
    ALMEM(L) Garry Whitford
    WO2 Daniel Wight
    Sergeant Malcolm Wigley
    Guardsman David R Williams
    MEM(M)1 Gilbert S Williams
    WEA/APP Ian R Williams
    Cook Kevin J Williams
    Marine David Wilson
    Corporal Scott Wilson
    Captain David A Wood
    Lt Commander John S Woodhead

    Doreen Bonner
    Mary Goodwin
    Susan Whitley


    Rest In Peace, each and every soul.

  15. Why is he a waster, he was there?


    EDIT: Sorry wrong one it was his brother that was there.