25 years from now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by qman, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Given the much deserved hype surrounding the efforts of 'our boys' 25 years ago and the recent acts of remembrance etc. Does anyone think that we will remember anything about Iraq and Afghan in 25 years time?
  2. Only the fact that we will still be there
  3. Apart from the fact that we will still be there....
  4. Edited to tell the truth:

    I'll only be 82
  5. please read above as they beat me to it :cry:
  6. I was chatting to a serving 3 Para lad about this yesterday, he said it was a bit weird having done what they have in Helmand and to just slip back in the country unannounced as he put it, I told him it was disgraceful that the council in Colly hadn't done anything for them. I can only liken it to the treatment the Vietnam vets got on their return back to the U.S. Ok, the blokes aren't getting spit on and abused but their is a definite lack of recognition on the civilians behalf.
  7. Why? Is something special going to happen this year?
  8. If I remember rightly, in 1994 there were a few documentaries and some tree-hugging type events to mark the 25th anniverary of the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland but hardly a sausage about the courage and sacrifice of a generation of squaddies there. Politics and all that I suppose. I imagine that Iraq and possibly Afghanistan will give rise to something similar.
  9. In 25 years from now Tonee BLiar will just have had his first parole application rejected, and police will have just found the wide mouth frog's severed head in a cesspit in Wrexham.

    ... and the Royal Navy will be getting their two new carriers any time now, almost in time to help the last troop reduction of forces from the Caliphate of Iraq
  10. Did you see how wide her gob was singing yesterday, at one point I swear a pigeon flew straight in!
  11. I'd personally like to see the government bring the troops home but no I don't suppose anything other than more soldiers dying will happen this year. The point I was hoping to make is in the question, will joe public ever recognise the sacrifice made by this generation? The public are quick to dismiss the youth of today as tossers and scrotes the media mirror the public opinion to sell their lies and the government sponsor corporate events in aid of 'Britains hero' (or some such sh*t). The forces are still fighting and dying and producing heroes and the government bring the wounded home in the dark and in civvies. Bns are coming home unannounced and soldiers are getting medals over the counter in the Chief clerks office. What there should be is as much trumpet blowing and flag waving as possible. Every Regt/ Corps etc should exercise the rights granted to them under the freedom of the town etc. or will tomorrows veterans be quietly forgotton like the heroes of Korea, Suez etc. 25 years from now I want my kids to know what I did and feel proud of me.
  12. Did you notice the furtive looks she was taking as she sang. Her chops are pornagraphic! What a fking boatrace!
  13. Are you kidding? This is a period of Britians Dirty Little Wars. In 25 years it will be looked back on with shame and heads held low. Everyone will have forgotten that 200-300-400 however many will have be lost. the man in the street is alrady forgetting NI, and that was next door, for 30 years.
  14. Twenty Five years prior to OP CORPORATE we had, in 1957 just been humiliated in Suez, we still had small wars in Kenya and in Malaya and had and Northern Ireland ahead of of us. Twenty Five years before that in 1932 we had ahead of us the horrors of the second world war to look forward to. Twenty-Five years before that, we had the mud and slime of the Somme, Pachendale and the butchery of the First world War ahead of us. Twenty five years before that the Boer War, etc, etc, etc.

    I shudder to think what is ahead of us but I do know that it will be the same shit and speeches our fathers, grandfathers and ancesters had to put up with when they came home!

    What I also know with some certainty is that if ever my son expresses even the remotest interest in joining the Army and following his father - I will personally break both of his legs!
  15. Great minds... state the bleedin obvious :) . You are obviously not politicains!