25 years ago today...

It was a few days before my 8th birthday and I was just becoming aware that there was a world outside of my everyday existence. I too recall Newsround providing the first film I'd seen of the invasion and mornings were spent scanning the papers for news. I have vivid memories of the footage of the task force setting off and the perception of an almost carnival-like atmosphere at the docks. I know that I had no doubt that within a few days the invaders would be booted off the Islands and that the country was safe in Mrs. Thatcher's hands.

On a very sober note, it was also the first time I really thought about war and the lives that get wasted to boost the egos of politicians.
The_Hat said:
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. Waiting for 1 Para to relieve us!
Have they turned up yet?


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Coming home from School (primery) and Dad telling me we were at War, he had tuned in all the radios in the house to the BBC World Service.

Shortly followed by my Cousin coming round to say he was being deployed (42 Cdo).



Coming back from school and listening to the radio, seeing a lot of worried lads my age where we lived at the time (most of their Dads were RN) worried that their Dad was going to war
I was visiting my grandmother on the day it happened. She didn't think the Falklands were off the coast of Scotland. However, having survived the blitz, she was genuinely terrified by the prospect of Argentinian air raids.

At the time, the difference in attitude between those who had experienced a war and those who hadn't was truly remarkable.
2nd Year, High School. The following days Geography lesson rapidly moved from 'tectonic plates' (or some such obllocks) to "Miss, where are the Falklands?"
Twas stood on top of a 4 tonner in the TA centre pulling a cam net onto it in prep for an exercise that weekend (I was only 17 at the time).
In short trousers, buttocks clenched, standing outside the Headmaster's office knowing I was due for six of the best, for setting off bangers all over the school. :tp:
At school.

I was one of the few who had heard of the Falklands, as Pebble Mill at One had done a feature on them the year before over fears for their safety with the defence cuts.

Pity Lord Carrington wasn't pulling a sickie that day to catch it.
Unborn to be lectured about it by my uncle who was with the guards years later.. and for years. :)
I remember being in a huddle of cadets on the "playground" seriously considering the sudden need to get "properly" fit.
Fortunately the grownups had it in hand ;)


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On leave at my parents house
until the local bobby turned up at the local pub saying "return to your unit urgently" that shook me a bit just like 1940! (or so Im told as I wasnt there then!)
On Spearhead standby.........


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Maninthestreet said:
I remember being in a huddle of cadets on the "playground" seriously considering the sudden need to get "properly" fit.
Fortunately the grownups had it in hand ;)
good one mate,
we was doing the same just incase we was needed, as long as we were back for double maths on monday morning 8O
I was living next to a Scottish paper mill that did a lot of government work. Rumours soon started flying around about 24 hour shifts to print all the draft papers. Thank goodness we didn't see that.


not even twinkling in my Daddy's eye! Haha....

Its good to remind yourself you're still relatively young :eek:) :eek:)
In Londonderry wondering why the Argies would invade an island just off the west coast of Scotland.


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BFPO 30 walking into the Bty bar for a morning "pick me up" and wondering why everyone was listening to the radio news..

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