25 Years ago today it was...

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Speedy, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. ..that I was bussed through the gates of Azimghur Barracks, Colerne as a spotty 16 year old. So here's to all of the other RCT/RAOC junior leaders who started that day with me, and especially to the final 40% who actually passed out 12 months later. Older, wiser and a hell of a lot fitter I'd do it all again, although this time I'd know to look in my mug on the first ever locker inspection as I'd find the ball of fluff the guy in the bed space next to me dropped in there resulting in my getting the experience of jail out of the way nice and early. So, to all of those guys, and the ones who occasionally drop me a line to let me know how things are going, especially the ones still soldiering on, this beers for you, cheers!

    *It's also quite amazing to find out that the ones who had the most successful careers were not necessarily the stars in training either. The real world has a lot to do with it I suppose.
  2. Sprog.
  3. I dunno, he's akin to some kind of demigod to this sproggy 14.5 year server! Good luck, Sah, on your next venture!

  4. I can really empathize with that man, all the best mate, best years of our lives
  5. Well, I 'only' did 12 and got out in 2000. Strangely I've now been out the same length of time I served (not including time 'for the Queen'). I can recall with great clarity almost every unit and tour. Ask me what I did in the summer 2 years ago now and I'll just um and er.