25 RE Waterbeach

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Reme_Armr, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, just saw on my JPA that i'm posted to 43 AS Sqn, 25 RE Waterbeach.
    Never been there, can anyone tell me anything about it? I'm in the REME and I'm married.
    Pads any good?
    Off on tour any time soon?
    Any info would be well appreciated.

  2. Waterbeach is questionable the jewel in the uk RE posts crown, nice little village, reasonable quarters, Close to city centre of cambridge where students congregate to be abused (or even murdered!). The 2 regiments are possibly the busiest in the world, ever! Great fishing lakes, nice pubs, brilliant indian and chinese takeaway/ restaurants for your family to enjoy while you spend the next 2-4 years in the middle east. compared to Turdworth, its not bad at all. Hope that helps.
  3. Busy?? Ha Ha Ha if you like 6-8 week deployments to some hell hole of a airfield!! Oh its tough work ok, but not really cutting edge Cbt Engr type stuff. Seeing as you are Reem's then get ready to work on some bloody big bits of plant and other really odd things that make runways errrr smoother or something.

    The Corps is feckin busy with most Regt's having a pizzing contest that they are busyier than the next, but i don't think 25 is at the top, try a bit further south of Cambride for that............
  4. Nah, busiest place is Chilwell. Waterbeach is in a nice part of the world, shame Cambridge is so bloody expensive because of the students and tourists.! Makes the cost of living rise for us locals!