25 Pounder Bomb Measurements

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by artyman, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys i am hoping somebody here will be able to help me out,,im looking for the dimensions of the 25 pounder bomb,, Preferable Pakisatni Ordance version with 557 fuse but it shouldnt matter i think.

    Would be very grateful. thanks
  2. FUZE
    HE Fuze PDM 557 M

    Weight / Length (approx) HE
    Complete round wt. (Kg) 14
    Cartridge case length (mm) 293
    Projectile weight (Kg) 11.4
    Projectile length (mm) 435
  3. hi im looking for just the projectile,, measurements and dimensions of all the bomb and parts ogive etc,,,,,
  4. To be picky - its a Shell not a bomb :D

    I havn't got access to my old books but:

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  5. Is there any reason you want to know these rather unusual measurements?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. ah a fellow IMO'er,,, my commanding officer is standing down and i want to have a shell reproduced and place it with a shell and present it to him. it doesnt really matter bout pakisatni ammo,, i need exact dimension for the machine to do it,, it going to be turned in maple or oak i think
  8. No luck with tony!!!! Lads im desperate!!!!!!!! if theres any senior men here of if you know any who manned the 25's can you please ask them if they have any documents with measurements!!!
  9. RM - You are not being picky. Call the shell a bomb today and tomorrow it's an open hatch on a submarine...

    Try the Pakistan Ordnance Factories web-site.
  10. Assume you've tried Firepower museum at Woolwich an the Imperial War Museum?
  11. Detailed shell dimensions of any sort are a tad thin on the ground. For 25-pr your best bet is the ammo handbook for WW2 or 1950s, but I'm not entirely sure you'll find everything you need. There are also some basic dimensions in the WW2 period Handbook for the gun. There's also a post WW2 Handbook for the gun and the ammo section in this might be the best bet. Where to find these - Clavell Library at Woolwich and maybe the Badley Library at Larkhill.
  12. 25lbr shell bodies were forged by the RoFs so they were the only folk to have the exact dimentions. Since they were flogged off to BaESystems I doubt whether they will let you access them...

    I suggest the only quick way to solve this is to go to one of the museums that hold dummy 25 lbr shell and measure one with calipers and a pin gauge.. you need to talk to whoever is going to make this thing for you...

    Museums that I know have 25lb shells -

    Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill
    Army School of Ammunition at Kineton
    Imperial War Museum - Kennington and Duxford
    Royal Armouries - Fort Nelson Portsmouth

    also your local troop of 11 EOD may have one in their own collections...

    Hope this helps..
  13. Lads thats great but as the song says its a long long way FROM tipperary,,, Irish Reserve,, firing the 25 soon but it will be too late the boss will be gone.. there is one place,,our version of Larkhill but Id never get in there, plus its a nice spin!!! Anybody have any of these manuals for the gun????
  14. Well - I would suggest you're bug*ered then... :(

    My only other suggestion is that if you can enlarge R-Ms diagram so that the width of the shell is 3.25" than everything else will be roughly in proportion..

    Pity they only used 18 pounders on the post office :roll: