25 or 39?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ydraw, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. I need to put down my posting preferences and im looking to go to waterbeach but i cant decide to put 25 as my first choice or 39 so was hoping someone on here could give me abit more info on both such as when there next on tour, what the accommodation is like there and what there generally like as a posting. Any info much appreciated. Thanks
  2. 25 are a bit gash on the drinking front....39 are WAY better at boozing! Glad to help!!
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  3. 25 is closing down so there's your answer mate
  4. Not that hard considering that 34 and 53 have both been resubordinated back to 39 and pretty much anybody not in the RHQ element of 43 Sqn are getting posted out. Just make sure when you put your posting preference down you do it by location (i.e. Cambridge) and not unit (39) as you could end up with RAF Leeming an 10 Sqn!
  5. Of course you'd know all about that - being a guest and all.

    Let me tell you all about Mr Bigbird67's evenings in the bar with the 'illustrious' 39, playing chess with a 'nice' glass of Pinot Paint Stripio in hand (and spending the rest of his time trying to suck off a fat ginger *unt).

    As for Plant_No_Life's comments, remember no announcement as yet 'Fella', at least I've never had to work with you. See you in the bar, on the Cpl to Sgts results, or did you make it to Cpl before you started queue jumping?
  6. Somebody needs a hug! You don't need to a Mystic Meg to take an informed guess as to 25 going, it is just a case of when, not if.
    I am perfectly happy queue jumping, thanks a lot.
  7. But Waterbeach? Yeash!
  8. Don't know how you can live with yourself P_L. :p