25% off orange pay monthly bills

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Mattious, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Renewed my orange contract yesterday, salesmen informed me orange do a 25% discount to all serving personnel on your monthly bills, proof of ID and pay slip dated no longer than 2 months old required.

    I'm only inclined to believe this is on new contracts! Could give it a go if you already have an orange contract no harm in a try!.
  2. I think its 25% of the monthly rental, its for goverment workers (not just the armed forces) and your family can use it.
  3. Been told by others you can get it applied at any time (but won't be back dated) but tried at 2 different stores in Nottingham last week. They said it could only be done on new contracts/renewals and is only available in store

    They need to see a payslip that's for the current or previous month either when you take out the contract or within the first 2 weeks
  4. I just spoke to a man called sid from orange, he said the 25% is only available in store, brings the cost of an early upgrade to an iphone 4s into reach!
  5. Can this be used for friends?
  6. Is this deal still on?
  7. Asked in EE store a few weeks ago and they said yes. Didn't ask about family though

  8. Nice one. Should save about £8 on a 4S contract. Looked at the iPhone 5 but you don't seem to get much extra with. Tempted to get the 4S on R&R.