25% Off Armadillo Merino Clothing Until 31 Dec 12

We've recently reviewed a number of items from the Armadillo Merino range including the Falcon top and Cougar T-shirt. They're top class items made out of superfine merino wool designed as next-to-skin protective clothing specifically for use under body armour. Our review team loved them but noted that they're pretty pricey which may put people off.

Well the good news is that we've negotiated a seasonal discount with Armadillo and you can get a pretty impressive 25% discount until 31 Dec 12 using the code "ARRSE2012". After this it reverts to 15% which is still pretty generous.
I've also just been told that there is an article in yesterday's FT highlighting that Armadillo have just won a contract to supply Italian SF with their products. If nothing else this indicates that they look good!!

New British knitwear company Armadillo Merino has signed a groundbreaking deal with the Italian Navy to supply its special forces with high-quality woollen undergarments, as a safer alternative to synthetic fibre vests

More on the FT website (behind paywall)
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