25% of British Businessmen Take a Stuffed Animal with them When Traveling

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Since THE LEADER OF THE WORLD (and have I mentioned He is a Nobel Laureate just like AlGore?) instructed us to get our news from the Huffy Post, I now wait until they verify all news.

    It is too good not to post again. Goes with the pink shirts they wear. :)
  2. '25% of British Businessmen Take a Stuffed Animal with them When Traveling'

    Personally, I usually stuffed one when I got there? :roll:

  3. Baaaaahhhh.
  4. That'll be Cabin Crew or BBC Junior Execs. ^_~

    A double jello mould in Santa Monica would disagree :bounce::bounce:

  5. It begs the question why a cuddly toy as opposed to a cuddly female (for Jarrod: a cuddly male)? Are men just trying to get in touch with their feminine side? Or is it just that bears don't answer back?

    It's role reversal.

    Considering we have had the country's pet lovers come down on a woman for dumping a cat into a wheelie bin where it was trapped for 48 hours...are women now getting in touch with their masculine side (cold, calculating and just plain nasty).
  6. I am uncertain whether it is my feminine side or my masculine side, but I would gladly put the "lady"" into the same bin for her to see how it feels.
  7. What, as well as their wives?
  8. Errr they already are. Only you missed out "Deceitful snakes" from that list.
  9. Did any of them explain exactly what they do with the toys? Or why the laundry bill is always so large?

    Or how Pooh Bear got his name?
  10. Snakes on a plane?
  11. Hisssssss - - - - sssSorry - - - - I will sssSlither off.
  12. And it turns out that a large number of the bear-toting travelers are men.

    In other words, most of those surveyed were split arses. Shite story.