25 moving to Waterbeach???

Hi everyone, don't know if I'm in the right forum but I am wondering about a posting - we are due to get posted to 25 in Aug but a few people have said (and it also says on their Website) that they are moving to Waterbeach? I've tried to get info on camp here as Hubby is too busy at the min doing stuff but no one has a clue - apparently. Does anyone know more about it? I would like to know asap what's going to happen... *big sigh*
Whats with the powers that be moving 25 around?? Should never have moved it from the traz in my humble opinion, turning 25 into a gypo regiment ffs :x
If your looking for information about Waterbeach try the link below.

39 Eng Regt
turning 25 into a gypo regiment ffs :x
Park yer caravans by the 34 gate, shove yer donkeys on the paddock by 53. Any 39 Flags or Kit go missing and we'll get an eviction order and move you on again...

Pikeys, the lot of em.. :wink: :wink:
Waterbeach is about 5 miles from Cambridge is quite a nice little village. There are a few pubs and small shops in the village. Camp isn't too far from the village centre. Prepare to be busy though. Expect to go to Afghanistan if you are going to 10 Sqn or Oman if you are in 60 or 48.
Each Squadron has it's own REME detachment. It depends on where your assignment order says you are going.
plant_life said:
Bl00dy hell, don't say she's there. I'm off there soon!
You're my dawg now. :)
plant_life said:
Bl00dy hell, don't say she's there. I'm off there soon!
plant_life said:
Bl00dy hell, don't say she's there. I'm off there soon!
Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. :twisted:

We may need to do a Cambridge ARRSE social in the near future as I believe there's quite a few of us in the area.
Anyone needing any Top Tips for an Urban Orienteering Competition in Cambridge let me know... I organised 2 in the past and they turned out 'interesting' 8O The first had our OC on his hands and knees counting floor boards in Cambridge's oldest pub and the second one ended up with the pager system across the entire City warning all pubs not to let in small groups of men in fancy dress hunting for 'clues' and especially not to let in a 4 man Jewish Jazz Band carrying plastic instruments! 2 of us also ended up in hospital after jumping in the River Cam and getting cut up on the thousands of glass bottles thrown in over the years below a certain bridge! all good fun though, honest...

A top place, you'll enjoy it 8)
I only ever went to Waterbeach once. As a young sprog fresh from Gib barracks in an old Astra full of kit. Turned up at the guard room with said posting order or something and was sent to RHQ, only to be told "sorry we don't have your name on the list for here, but I'll call Maidstone and see if they'll have you". 10 minutes later, back in car, heading towards Kent.....
burger466 said:
any heads up about the pace????
that depends upon your age.
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