25 Flt to come home?

Just pulled myself from the rumour mill. Is the last sunshine posting really coming home? Batus fallen through? Kenya on the cards? Spoken to an engineer from hanger 3 few weeks back, they've been told to start clearing room for 3X Bell 212. That we can live with, but no more Rauls/Sinbin trips? Well thats just cruel....
Long and short of it:

25 Flt 212s wanted to go to BATUS
Canadians weren't terribly happy with a UK contract company 'muscling in' on a potential Canadian area (Mustang Heli..)
212s waiting for a home or use
Kenya is a possibility....
heard thru a number of contacts (mil & civi) that they are going to wallop as an indpendent flt then tasking out to kenya, poland etc when & where required

still offically a rumor but these contacts seem very certain
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