25 Flight AAC reunion

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by red_phos, May 4, 2011.

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  1. 25 Flight is sadly departing its Caribbean home and heading to sunny Middle Wallop. joys. To mark its return the Flight is thinking of hosting a reunion 'do'.

    We plan to hold the event, at wallop, sometime in late SEPTEMBER 2011. It will be an all ranks affair and anyone with a connection to 25 is welcome (i.e. FBH/ REME etc)

    Planning is very much in its infancy so I have no further details. This is really a request for interest.

    If you are interested in meeting up with old friends, and meeting some new ones, please PM me so I can compile a list and see if there is the demand to hold the party.

    Many thanks,

  2. Can we invite some of the Raul's ladies?
  3. This move will save the defence budget loads of sovs. You lot are mega overpaid sat out there ;)

  4. Im an Lt, so Im definitely not that!!!
  5. What will they be doing with the old Bell 212's?

    The AAC has a slack handful of them used in Brunei and Belize is that correct?
  6. Thats bang on, the Brunei cabs are staying put and we are the lucky ones...we're heading back to Wallop!

  7. No point - they're all back here as Harrier pilot wives
  8. Hello all,

    A date has now been set (ish) we are planning to hold the 25 Flight reunion at Middle Wallop on Friday 30th September 2011

    Details of dress are still being discussed but its looking more and more likely to be Black tie (with a caribbean twist)

    Anymore people interested please just get in touch!


  9. Tropical flying suits all the way!