25 Fd Sqn RE

I'm after a 25 Fd Sqn plaque, anyone know where i can get one, I believe they were disbanded in the '90's (fell to pieces after i left, obvisously!) but have been reformed again.

Will pay




25 reformed in Ripon as 25 Armd Engr Sqn in 2001. They are part of 38 Engr Regt (Claro Barracks, Ripon). Sadly after a short life in the armoured role, they will re-role to being a light role field squadron as part of 19 Lt Bde. I would think that the Sqn will have currently have 25 AES plaques - although I guess they will have the 'new' 25 Fd Sqn ones. They kept the Boxer emblem by the way.
What you up to Martin Lawrence Craven spent ages tryign to track you down in that shite wetspot, oh how I laughed with a certian gentleman last year regarding Elouise being painted Pink! And his battle bosx being painted in flowers

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