25 engineer regt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by me123, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. does anybody know what 34 or 53 are up to in next couple of years
  2. Guessing a tour or two in the sand pit?
  3. No-one knows what anyone in 53 or 34 is doing in the next week, at the best of times.

    34 are going to Oman in the autumn, probably, likely for 6 months. 53 have a great big ? over them - which probably means a HERRICK tour (about time), but there's currently nothing on the cards. So it might mean stuck in the 'beach for months and months and months...
  4. Call me old fashioned and crazy but why don't you phone up the Trg Wing and ask?
  5. cuz they dont know...34 are going on leave, thats for sure
  6. or phone the naafi & ask one of the staff or cleaners.
  7. Plant_life. You really are helpful aren't you?*

    25 are on leave at the moment. Try them after Easter. PM me if you need numbers.

    Hope this helps.

    Slug xx

    * I have flashbacks of you in your shorts after PT yesterday and I keep getting a little bit of sick in my mouth.

  8. Thats not sick slug ;)
  9. It fucking is. Have you seen PL in his "running kit"? It's not a pretty sight. :D
  10. Are you sure that was sick?
  11. Whats 25 like as a regiment?

    Whats waterbeach like?
  12. It was better when it had 4 pubs (and 1 Regt), that was almost a pub crawl

    The Taps, the Donkey, the Sun, 2 in the star, the sun, the donkey, the Taps then the chippie for Pukka Pie and chips.

    A stroll back to camp, round the back of the Guard room to raid the guard box (not because there was anything good in it, just because you could) then bed

    A quality Mon or Tues night :D :D
  13. Thanks for the must know...

    How busy is the regt? What does it actually do?

    I saw the post ref pos herrick/oman so thats the "are they going on tour" question covered...
  14. 25 are currently quite busy as was mentioned before, 34 are off to Oman and 53 .........well who knows.

    There are a number of lads (around a troops worth) from 53 currently training for OPs with 43 HQ & Sp Sqn, this means 53 are currently undermanned blokes wise. so any deployment by 53 is likely to be no more than a troop + as they cannot field a full sqn on any tour.

    I escaped to Canada for 7 months so right now I am not really in any position to say waht else is going on there.

    Air Support is the business carried out there however it is a bit of a dinosaur and only required for the Falklands.......bloody penguins....generally The group as a whole is used primarily for construction ......back to the good old days.
  15. thanks for the reply, some useful information...