25 coy North east


Brownale said:
Any info on these would be helpful?

Good question, would any info be helpful?
Indeed, would any helpful info be helpful?
Brownale said:
Any info on these would be helpful?

The average boot size in the unit is size 8 - does this help?

I assume you mean 25 MI Coy (V) - have you followed the links from the website to the TA site and checked out the stickies? Once you have done that please come back with specific questions. Do you want to join as an officer or soldier? What is your age, background (student, UOTC, already in the TA, ex-Regular), educational qualifications etc.

There is only so much sarcasm my fellow Intelligencers can be bothered to waste on a question so broad!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Located in York with a detachment in Gateshead. 25 (V) MI Coy provides security in support of deployments throughout the world, whether on operations or training. Field Security tasks involve the production of risk assessment profiles and the dissemination of advice in order to ensure the security of UK forces, including protectively marked material.

from the 3 MI Bn homepage. http://www.army.mod.uk/3mibn/index.htm

ability to do basic research yourself is regarded as plus, btw :)

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